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Now the party season is over it’s time to get back into shape! Here are a few ideas on how to get fit for free in 2017 from the penny-pinching gurus at, who stress that working out for free doesn’t have to include pounding the pavements and going running. Instead, you can be creative and actually enjoy getting fit in your own home.

Top 10 Tips To Save Money:

1.      Workout at home

Before shelling out on a gym membership, be realistic and ask yourself whether you go enough times to make your membership worthwhile. Instead do workouts at home that are both fun and simple. You can take advantage of free workout videos online, which can motivate you just as much as a class at the gym.

2.      Dance

Dancing around the living room to your favourite tunes is a fun and free way to burn off those Christmas calories. Pick a song with a quick beat and make sure you’re keeping in rhythm; you can also get the kids to join in too.

3.      Join the gym with a friend

Some gyms allow you to get family memberships with non-family members, which mean you can get a discounted rate if you go with your friend. This is a great way to save money and also encourages you to be more motivated once you are there.

Three ladies exercising Pic: Rex/Shutterstock

Pic: Rex/Shutterstock

4.      Take the stairs

If you work in a big office, it is always tempting to use the lift. But little do you know, you can burn 15 calories just from walking up one flight of stairs, three times a day. If you want to burn calories the free way, avoid lifts and escalators at all costs.

5.      Meal plan

This is by far one of the easiest and best fitness hacks. Taking charge by planning ahead can stop you from over-indulging and also spending unnecessary money on food that you haven’t included in your day-by-day plan.

6.      Walk everywhere

Ditch those car keys and start walking. Whether its nipping to the corner shop or doing the school run by foot, you can start getting healthy whilst also saving petrol money as well.

7.      Make your own weights

There is no need to purchase weights when you have plenty of things around your house you can use. Baked bean tins or litre drinks in bottles can make great weights that you can use when exercising in your home.

8.      Take advantage of free memberships

If you’d still prefer to go to the gym, then try free gym membership trials. Many gyms offer free passes to get new people interested, so they are great to take advantage of. Explore gyms that offer a one-day free pass, as this is a great way to shop around and find a gym that’s suited to your requirements.

9.      Download fitness apps

If you need some digital encouragement, or you just want to check how much exercise you are or need to be doing per day, make sure you download a good fitness app. If you are opting to not renew your gym membership, fitness apps are a great help as they can monitor your activity for the day and also tell you how much exercise you need to be doing.

10.  Do the housework

Did you know that just by doing the housework, you could burn anything from 100-300 calories per hour? Chores such as hovering, washing dishes, ironing and mowing the lawn are all great calorie burning workouts that cost nothing.

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