Congratulations to Our Specials Marathon Runners Louise and Ryan!

Louise running the London marathon

Louise and Ryan featured in last month’s Summer Special. They were part of the launch of the Heads Together campaign, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and we are delighted to say they have have done so well in Sunday’s London Marathon. We are so proud of them. In addition to highlighting the Heads Together campaign, Ryan’s raised over £3,000 for Against Breast Cancer.


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From the last My Weekly Special…

Says Louise: “Ryan finished in 03 hours 51 minutes, and I finished in 06 hours 11 minutes. Ryan was aiming for about that time but I just wanted to finish alive, so we’re both chuffed!

Ryan and Louise

Ryan making great progress and Louise and Ryan with their medals

“It was an incredible day, if almighty hard! The weather was great and the crowds were wonderful. Such a great atmosphere. We both have the week off work now and have spent our first day off in bed! We look ridiculous when we try to walk.

“I’ve said I’ll never do it again but Ryan’s already planning to go in for the ballot. I’ll leave him to the marathons! I’ll just stick with my shorter races. Looking at our pics, I can’t believe we were so smiley through the pain!”

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