Summer Hair Trends

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Celebrity and session stylist, Mark Woolley from Electric Hair shares the team’s 2018 hair trends:


The CURTAIN FRINGE is a great look this year. Think soft, long (minimum lashes level) side swept or full fringe.

curtain fringe

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The BLUNT CHOPPY FRINGE is a great look but it should be full but with heavily broken line. Twist some shaping paste on fringe sections for added definition.

blunt choppy fringe

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Undone in dressing, middle partings or short choppy fringes. Use the Electric P4 Preparation Spray with a touch of Electric Shaping Paste for that natural weightless feel.

short bob

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Made famous in LA in the 70’s, the Shag haircut came back with vengeance last year but this year sees an evolution with a more heavily layered finish and emphasis on a heavier fringe section. Try a natural finish by using the Electric P4 Preparation Spray for that ‘lived in’ look.

short shaggy hair

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The Pixie cut will be huge as women go for that drastic change, but this year see’s a longer more textured, softer top section to enable different styling options. Use Electric Shaping Paste to enhance texture and movement and Electric E-spray for hold.

long pixie

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Dressing in that undone way, so it’s the perfect look to use Electric Smoothing Cream as a pre-product, then mix Electric Shaping Paste and Electric Serum together to style adding definition and separation.

long centre parted curls

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Accessories make a huge return this year whether that be hairbands or clips – even the scrunchie has reappeared on the catwalks.

hair accessory

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Colour Trends

This summer’s big trend will be ‘The Dirty Blonde’ where darker roots will be complimented with Warm Golden Blonde Mid-lengths and Ends.

dirty blonde hair

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Following on from last year’s Grey trend, is this years ‘Silver trend’. This is a more glamourous effect with heavy influence on shine. Ensure your hair is hydrated and protected with the Electric Colour Protection Kit.

silver hair

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For the darker bases, the new look ‘Chocolate Mauve’ where brunette meets purple is a gorgeous trend must-wear this summer.

chocolate mauve hair

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