Make the Most of Your Summer Scents

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Rebecca Richmond, perfume expert at The Perfume Shop shares her five best hacks and advice for getting the most from your summer fragrance:

Timing Is Key

If you’re more the type to go sightseeing or exploring your surroundings rather than relaxing in a hammock spritzing your scent on specific areas of your body enables it to last longer when wearing sunscreen. Rebecca recommends spraying your favourite scent on your elbows, behind your knees and even on your belly button to help prevent it lifting off too quickly when combining it with SPF. ‘This can also be done before you head out’ says Rebecca. ‘If you’re concerned about wearing perfume in the sun, just spray it before leaving the house. By the time you’ve arrived at your destination, the alcohol content in the perfume will have lifted and evaporated and all you’ll be left with is the fragrance oil and particles of your chosen scent.’

Don’t Skip The Moisturiser

‘We’re all guilty of applying excessive amounts of after sun after sun exposure which is actually a quick and easy trick for making fragrances last longer’ says Rebecca. Simply apply body lotion after sun exposure and showering and spritz your fragrance onto moisturised skin which will lock in the scent.

Don’t Keep Your Bottle In The Sun

The way you store your bottles can have a significant impact to the scent during summer. Leaving your fragrance in a bright, humid place will cause notes to break down and gradually it will start to affect the smell. Store your favourite scents in a dry, cool place (even in the fridge) for a cool and fresh application.

Stay Light And Airy In The Heat

When it comes to selecting a fragrance, Rebecca recommends opting for lighter and more refreshing scents for the summer. ‘The heat not only intensifies the fragrance in the bottle, but also once it’s been sprayed on your skin. Warmer weather and higher body temperatures slightly increase the rate at which the scent develops and diffuses, so it’s best to wear a fragrance that’s lighter and fresher as oppose to a sharp and intense one.’

Spritz It On Your Locks

The Perfume Shop has also seen a huge increase in customers using fragrances on their hair with the new innovation of Hair Mists. ‘But now you can spritz your ordinary perfume on your hair ends after washing when wet to release your favourite aroma’ says Rebecca. ‘With hair providing a larger surface for your perfume to cling to, spray at the nape of your neck, on your hairline and on the midsection of your head for a longer-lasting scent in the sun.’

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