The Secrets to French Elegance

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In this week’s Looking Good pages, we have an extract from Ageless Beauty by Clemence von Mueffling (Michael Joseph £14.99), in which three generations of Parisian women – grandmother, mother and daughter – share their beauty secrets for timeless elegance. If you’ve always longed to master French style, here are a few wardrobe suggestions to get your own touch of Parisian chic:

The Trench

Whether it’s worn casually over jeans or with a sharp pencil skirt and heels, it works for every season and instantly pulls your look together

model in trench coat

Picture: iStockphoto

Tweedy Jacket

A short, chanel-style tweed jacket looks just as good with jeans as it does with a tailored shift or trousers

model in jacket

Jacket £150 Pure Collection

Silky Camisole

This silky wardrobe essential works for day or evening, teamed with a trouser or tuxedo suit and heels

model in camisole

Camisole £45 Pure Collection

Cashmere Jumper

A supersoft cashmere jumper is tops for comfort and luxury; add interest with a sparkly brooch


model in sweater

Sweater £150 Pure Collection

Pencil Skirt

Goes with all your tops and blouses – this autumn’s styles are midi-length

model in pencil skirt

Skirt £60 Pure Collection

White Shirt

Can’t find a thing to wear? You can’t go wrong with a slimline white cotton shirt

model in white shirt

Shirt £80 Pure Collection

Stripy Top

Like the white shirt, a stripy top will always look stylish

model in stripe top

Top £35 Pure Collection

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