My Weekly Latest Issue November 6, 2018

Cover of my weekly latest issue November 6, 2018 with Prince Charles and Camilla plus Cornish cookery

My Weekly editor Stuart JohnstonePrince Charles has not been without his controversies over the years – and he is still renowned for his often outspoken commentary on any number of subjects. But as he celebrates his 70th birthday this week, we find a future king who is as happy and productive as ever. As well as looking back over some of the major events in his life, we highlight his role in the Duchy of Cornwall, sharing some of the recipes created from products sourced in the large private estate he oversees. I hope you enjoy them, and indeed the whole magazine!

Stuart Johnstone, Editor

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Take a look at what’s inside…

A Taste Of Cornwall

Cookery writer Sue Ashworth loves Cornwall almost as much as Charles, Duke of Cornwall does so she was delighted to come up with the fantastic recipes in this week’s feature. All are made with mouthwatering local ingredients from Cornish family businesses. We give you contact details so you can send for them too! And no, those are not real sardines on the spectacular Star Gazey Cake…

Cake in the style of a Stargazey Pie with chocolate sardine heads sticking up

Picture: Jonathan Short

We Will Remember Them

We mark the centenary of the first Armistice Day with a visit to The Poppy Factory. In addition to producing tens of thousands of paper poppies each year, it provides counselling and career guidance for ex-service personnel with mental and physical challenges. My Weekly designer Judith also recalls her visit to the Weeping Window at the Tower of London.

My Weekly staff member Judith in front of the Weeping Window display of ceramic poppies at the Tower of London in 2014

Clearing Some Space

“Cancel Christmas, I’ve got no room!” Can you relate? Fear not, Sue Hayward applies her practical knowledge to the problem. She will even help you make a few pounds as you shed all those un-needed possessions. Just in time to buy and receive a fresh batch (hopefully more useful!).

Young woman packing clothes and books into cardboard boxes

Picture: iStockphoto

Fabulous Fiction

The Remembrance theme continues with a poignant story of a box of WWI mementoes found in a secret compartment under a stair carpet. Plus there’s family fun in The Invisible Dog and What Jack Heard. Also a head of steam is building up for Annie in The Daisy Chain Line, our Christmassy serial about a couple who own a heritage railway…

Beautiful atmospheric shot of an old engraved locket lying open with a dried white rose

Picture: iStockphoto

Sarah Proctor

I've worked on a variety of regional newspapers and national magazines. My Weekly is a fantastic, warm-hearted brand with an amazing, talented team. I'm a sub-editor and particularly love working on fiction and the advice pages - I feel I should know all the secrets of eternal life, health and happiness by now, but hey, we all need that weekly reminder!