All About Nails

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If you’re busy giving your nails a glam-over for the party season, you want them to look their best, so take advice from the experts at independent hair and beauty salon group Live True London and avoid the 5 things you might be doing that are bad for your nails…

Constantly Covered

Not giving your nails a break from polish or gel polish can be really bad for the health and quality of your nails. Like everything on your body, your nails also need to breathe so make sure to give them a break every few weeks.

Biting Cuticles

Your cuticles are important for keeping in moisture and protecting your nails from infection, so biting them off isn’t a good idea. Apart from that, if you pull or bite them, they can become painful and even start to bleed.

Bad Filing

Filing your nails in different directions can weaken them and cause jagged ends and splits. Always file your nails in one direction for optimum health.

Too Much Gel

Frequently getting your nails done with gel can lead to serious damage. Each time you choose to go down the gel route, your nails get thinner and weaker, making them prone to breakages. There’s also evidence to suggest that excessive UV-A exposure could cause cancer to develop.


Your nails are a tell-tale sign for your general health and can be one of the first physical signs of stress in your body. It’s really important to pay attention to any significant changes in your nails and contact your doctor if you are concerned.

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