Mini Croques Madame with Saint Agur

Close up of mini croque madame with fried quail's egg on top
Credit: Saint Agur

Give your guests a warm welcome with these delicious French-style appetisers ahead of the main meal. Perfectly creamy and tangy, these are guaranteed to leave everyone’s taste buds tantalised!

Makes 8.

  1. Remove the crusts from each slice of toast.
  2. Top two slices of the toast with a layer of Saint Agur cheese, the ham and then another layer of cheese.
  3. Add the other two slices of bread on top, pressing together to seal.
  4. Heat the butter in a frying pan and fry the sandwiches until golden and crispy and the Saint Agur has melted.
  5. Fry the quail eggs into small, round fried eggs.
  6. Cut each sandwich into four squares with a sharp knife and top the sandwiches with the fried eggs.