Your Favourite Meals – With Less Calories!

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Graeme Tomlinson, The Fitness Chef,  takes some of the country’s favourite dishes and makes small changes for big calorie savings, and all without compromising on flavour!

With well-intentioned New Year diets already feeling like a chore – or in some cases, long forgotten! – Frylight is on hand to help make healthier eating a little easier.

Frylight, the company who produce the original one calorie cooking spray, has teamed up with fitness coach Graeme Tomlinson to launch #CaloriesUncovered, a campaign to help Brits take control of their cooking – and their waistlines.

He’s taken some of the UK’s favourite meals, such as curry and fish and chips, and re-developed them with lower calories.

Graeme says,

I’m a firm believer in small changes reaping big rewards. Looking at ways to reduce the calories in the food you already know is the easiest way to make a positive step towards a calorie deficit for fat loss. Specific diets can often fail as they’re just not sustainable.

Dr Sarah Jarvis

My Weekly health expert Dr Sarah Jarvis, says, “While there has been much debate in recent years about the relative importance of fats and carbohydrates in diet, there are some elements which are not in dispute.

As a nation, we should be focussing on reducing our intake of refined carbohydrates and highly processed foods.

“In order to do this, we should all be attempting to cook more from scratch using fresh ingredients. This will also allow us to increase our intake of vegetables and fruit, moving towards a healthier Mediterranean style diet.

“There is evidence that a very low carbohydrate diet may increase health risks if it is high in animal products and saturated fats. In addition to the large amount of evidence linking diets high in saturated fat with raised cholesterol and heart disease, all fat is energy (calorie) dense. It makes sense for people looking to keep their weight under control to reduce the amount of fat in their cooking, in order to keep their energy consumption within recommended limits.”

The UK’s Favourite Foods

Infographic map



fry up


fry up recipe

chicken tikka


chicken tikka recipeShepherd's Pie

Shepherd Pie recipe
spaghetti bolognese

Spagetti bolognese recipe
fish and chips


Fish and chips recipe

bangers and mash


Bangers and mash recipe

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