Make-up For The Menopause

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After decades of perfecting make-up and a beauty regime that works for them, women who hit menopause are having to re-write their beauty rules overnight. Symptoms such as changing hormonal levels can affect skin type, while hot flushes mean make-up that once stayed put all day can drip off the skin, all of which can affect confidence and self-esteem.

Help is at hand from Health & Her, a new platform which aims to support women through all aspects of the menopause – and here are some top tips by beauty expert and guest editor for Health & Her Caroline Barnes to get women going through the menopause back on track!


Use skincare products to counteract falling collagen levels. VENeffect is a skincare range created by a beauty industry expert and gynaecologist sister-duo that contains phytoestrogen – a plant-based product which mimics oestrogen. Oestrogen levels drop during menopause but it supports our collagen production.  As levels of oestrogen fall so too do collagen, causing our skin to sag, loose elasticity and show more wrinkles.
Don’t just assume older skin means dryer skin. For women whose skin gets dryer with age, a richer cream like NEOVADIOL by Vichy is perfect. But don’t just assume; not everyone needs lots of extra moisture and hydration – if that’s you, adding heavy creams will weigh your skin down. Some skin gets oilier with age. In that case, try salicylic acid to remove oil from pores followed by a good hyaluronic acid to hydrate, but not excessively.


For confidence during a hot flush, swap in make-up you can rely on. Switch to a workout foundation as soon as hot flush symptoms start, that way your make-up will stay in place no matter how much you sweat. It’s a tried-and-tested method for women going through chemo, who also get hot flushes. I recommend Clinique Superfit foundation, which won’t block pores when you sweat, and MAC waterweight concealer – a little goes a long way.

Here’s How

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