Six Tricks With Facial Oils

model with facial oil

There are multiple beauty benefits of using facial oils. For example, you can use oils to:

Apply over moisturiser for extra hydration, rub on cuticles to nourish, massage onto dry/brittle hair ends, prime and refresh makeup, use for a facial massage.

Expert Makeup Artist Lou Dartford says, “I love using oils under makeup for a dewy glow. I also love mixing a couple of drops of oil into a foundation to make it a bit more fluid and dewy. Another way to use them is later in the day to refresh your makeup. Warm a few drops between your fingertips and gently stipple over your complexion, with particular attention to areas like cheeks to bring back a gorgeous glow. However be wary of going to close to the eye area as the oils can disrupt eye makeup.”

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Audrey Patterson

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