Make Your Own Designer-style Hair Accessory

Making your own designer-style hair accessories is easy, according to the Hobbycraft experts!

Sparkly Hair Slide

To make A sparkly hair slide similar to this designer one, you will need


1 x Hobbycraft Adhesive Pearls £1.50

1 x Hobbycraft Small Gold Shimmer Gems £1

1 x Hobbycraft Clear Adhesive Gems £2.50

1x Hobbycraft Hot Melt 7mm Mini Glue Gun £5

TOTAL: £10

Simply find an old, plain or unloved hair clip and arrange a selection of gems onto the clip in a design similar to this designer look. All the gems are self adhesive but once you are happy with your design, use a glue gun to firmly secure gems in place.

Pretty Bow Hair Band

Try another designer style look for less!


1 X Hobbycraft Hairband £2

1 x Hobbycraft Large Round Crystals £7

1 x Hobbycraft Light Pink Double Faced Satin Ribbon £3.40

1x Hobbycraft Hot Melt 7mm Mini Glue Gun £5

TOTAL: £17.40

To achieve this elegant look for less, use Hobbycraft’s Hair Band as a base, arranging round gems from Hobbycraft along the arms at equal intervals, gluing with Hobbycraft’s Mini Glue Gun once you are happy with the placement. Finally, tie a small bow using Hobbycraft’s pink satin ribbon, gluing in the centre to hold the fabric. Attach the bow using the glue gun centrally.


Studded Hair Band

Finally, here’s a fierce designer look to recreate at home.


1 X Hobbycraft Hairband £2

1 x Hobbycraft Gold Claw Studs £3.20

1 x Hobbycraft Leatherette Fabric £16.50

1x Hobbycraft Hot Melt 7mm Mini Glue Gun £5

TOTAL: £26.70

This edgy studded leather hot-off-the-catwalk headband is a showstopper which can be easily recreated at home. Measure a large enough rectangle of Hobbycraft’s Leatherette Fabric to cover a Headband with 1cm extra on each side to allow for folding. Using Hobbycraft’s Claw Studs, pierce the rectangle in a random order to create a design similar to this. Pinch in the claws on the back of the fabric to fasten in place. Once you’re happy with your studding, use Hobbycraft’s Mini Glue Gun to attach to the hair band, folding in edges to ensure the finished look is neat.

Audrey Patterson

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