Vegan Millionaire’s Shortbread with Ombar Chocolate

Millionaire's shortbread on baking paper, cut into 16 squares, one turned sideways to show biscuit, caramel and chocolate layers
Credit: Rebel Recipes

It’s incredible that this sweet, gooey, indulgent millionaire’s shortbread is vegan and gluten-free! And with all its wholefood ingredients, this is surely the healthiest cake ever… 

Preparation time: 20min 
Cooking time: 10min + 4hrs chilling
Serves 8-10

  1. Put all the base ingredients in your food processor and blitz until everything comes together.
  2. Line a tray with baking paper, then press the base mix firmly down and into the sides.
    Pop in the fridge while you make the caramel.
  3. Wash the food processor, then add the caramel ingredients and blitz until you get a super smooth
  4. Remove the base from the fridge and spread the caramel over the top. Return to the fridge.
  5. Break up the chocolate and place in a glass bowl with the coconut oil then very gently melt over a
    saucepan of simmering water.
  6. Pour the chocolate over the caramel and then return the millionaire’s shortbread to the fridge for at least 4hrs to firm up.
  7. Slice as desired. Can be kept in the freezer.