How Many Cals Are There In Your Fave Festive Drink?

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Christmas is around the corner, which means tis the season to indulge! And it’s quite hard not to do so when your favourite coffee shops have released their festive specials. But while it’s hard to keep track of what you indulge in this time of the year, it’s still good to be considerate and not overdo it.

With that in mind, decided to take a closer look at the nutritional value of your favourite drinks released by five major coffee chains in the UK: Starbucks, Costa, Caffè Nero, Pret a Manger and Greggs.

By comparing each festive hot treat, analysed the number of calories and grams of sugar in each festive hot drink (provided for on their website) in order to see who slips in the most sugar and contain the most calories before additional sugar is added by the customer.

For the research, the drinks selected contained skimmed milk and the cup size opted for was regular, which represents roughly 12 oz. It must be noted that while ‘regular’ was chosen, the measurement is approximate. can reveal the festive drink containing the most grams of sugar is Pret’s Mint Hot Chocolate, which contains 47.9 g of sugar, the equivalent of 11.4 teaspoons. On the second place is another Pret a Manger festive drink, the Hazelnut Hot Chocolate, containing the same whopping amount of sugar. These drinks are also the most calorific, at 439kcal each. However, if you are shopping at Pret a Manger, there are some healthier options, such as the Gingerbread Latte which contains half the amount of sugar (22.2g) which is the equivalent of 5.4 teaspoons.

If you are conscious of your waist line, then you should probably head over to Caffe Nero, as they serve the least calorific and sugary festive coffee, the Ginger Latte, containing only 86 kcal and 14.9g of sugar (the equivalent of 3.5 teaspoons).

Festive coffee and calories chart




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