Top Tips For Keeping Your Hair Colour Fresh At Home

Whether it’s refreshing your roots or a full head of colour, Michael Douglas, Clairol UK Ambassador shares his expert tips for the perfect DIY do.

How should you go about choosing between a semi-permanent and permanent hair colour?

This will be mainly to do with coverage of grey and commitment to the colour you chose. With a permanent dye, you will need to grow the colour out so there is a level of commitment but it does deliver 100% coverage on grey/white hair.

Semi-permanent hair colour will only give you a blend of the grey hair to around 75% and most of the colour will wash out/fade in approximately six weeks. Semi-permanent delivers good coverage but with less commitment.


What’s the best way to cover up greys at home?

Permanent hair colour Is the most effective way to cover greys at home.


If you’re colouring your hair yourself, what are your top tips?

·         Wear a protective towel or gown that you do not mind staining.

·         Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly around the hairline, on the forehead and temple area. Avoid getting it on the hair as it forms a barrier to colour but it’s helpful to stop staining on the skin around the hairline.

·         Follow the instructions and look at the pack/box for the shade recommendations based on your existing/natural hair colour.

·         It is important to remember that all colour brands have slightly different formulas so please make sure you read the instruction leaflet which will give details on application and development times. This is key to helping you achieve the colour result you would like.

·         Application is super important. The better the application, the better the result. For example, if you have long or very thick hair and you think you will need two boxes, then use two.

·         Make sure your hair is tangle and knot free, use a small amount of serum to make sure your hair is smooth and easy to section.

·         A wide tooth comb will help you distribute the product throughout all the hair.

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