8 Ways To Celebrate Together During Lockdown

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In such uncertain times, and with so many restrictions on communication with loved ones and friends, it’s completely understandable if you’re feeling down. Many of us are at the moment!

Gatherings, trips and events we’ve all been looking forward to over the next few months will have now been cancelled; concerts, birthdays and weddings to name a few.

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With such big changes to our daily life, you might be feeling disconnected from the outside world, and like you’re losing out on precious time with your friends and family.

With this in mind, the team at online gifting website Prezzybox is offering the following tips for showing your loved ones how much you care, even if you can’t be with them in person!

“Meet” face to face with video calls

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Get everyone together – on screen. Pic: Shutterstock

Unlike previous generations who had to rely on landlines or even pen and paper to stay in contact with others, we are lucky enough to have fantastic technology that makes communication from afar easy, including video.

We can’t see our loved ones in person or give them a hug at the moment. But being able to connect virtually is a great way of staying in touch, and staying connected with the ones we love.

There’s a range of popular apps that will allow you to connect with multiple individuals at the same time, including Facetime (on Apple devices) and WhatsApp.

(Zoom has seen an explosion in popularity, and Skype is an established favourite, but concerns have been raised about their levels of security so it would be wise to do a little research before you sign up.)

Once connected, you can not only chat but exercise, take part in pub quizzes and even have a cheeky cocktail together.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to virtual communication. Don’t let social distancing stop you doing the things you look forward to; simply do it online instead!

Be traditional – send letters

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While you might not have sent a letter in a while, and would normally rely on an instant call or text to speak to others, there are so many positives to writing, sending and receiving heartfelt letters.

Why not encourage children to help write a short letter or create some drawings to send to vulnerable people, such as those in care homes? They’ll love receiving such a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

If you can’t go out at all, then perhaps you could ask a neighbour or the person who brings your groceries to drop your letters in the postbox.

Send quirky gifts, raise a smile

Here at Prezzybox, we are all about promoting how the simple gesture of gift giving can bring happiness and moments of joy, even during the most uncertain of times.

Whether it’s a journal in which to store all of your favourite memories, a jar of sweets or even a novelty item (we do enjoy sending personalised socks!), receiving an unexpected gift is sure to brighten that person’s day.

It lets them know that you’re thinking of them, and that we’re all in this together.

The wonderful world of party apps

Woman smiling as she aims remote control at TV, night time city lights visible through window behind her

Enjoy a watch party. Pic: Shutterstock

Over the last few weeks, people around the world have discovered a range of new apps which allow groups of people to join together for a virtual meet-up or party, even when they’re in separate households.

Despite recent rumours, HouseParty (for both Apple and android devices) is reasonably secure and a great way to virtually get together.

You can even download an extension that allows you to watch the same TV shows and films in sync with your loved ones, and others let you play games and challenge each other to tasks.

These tools will not only be great for connecting with your friends and family, but they’ll also keep your brain active and make the time pass much more quickly!

Write a diary

Writing down your thoughts and feelings will really help you to express your emotions during this really tough time.

Try keeping a daily log of positive news, how you are feeling and what you have been up to during your self-isolated period.

In the weeks or months to come, you can look back on how things have changed and reflect on how life became normal again.

Send confidence-boosting messages

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A positive message or two can go a long way, so instead of the everyday messages asking how your friends and relatives are doing, try sending confidence boosting messages instead! For instance, remind them of…

  • why you love them
  • a time they really helped you
  • a time that they made you laugh.

It will let them know that you appreciate them and you’re thinking about them at a time when they might be feeling low.

Make new plans – rearrange

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Plan for when it’s all over. Pic: Shutterstock

While it might not seem like it at the moment, the issues we’re all facing right now will eventually pass, so be sure you don’t cancel the plans you had with loved ones! Instead, simply rearrange them.

It might be someone’s birthday that they can no longer celebrate in the way they wanted to, but that doesn’t mean these plans can’t take place further down the line.

Planning an event, even without a set date, will give you and your loved ones something great to look forward to. It can offer the motivation we all need to get through these tough times.

Above all, keep talking

It is more important than ever to carry on communicating. This is the chance to make more of an effort with the people you might not speak to regularly, and check in to make sure that everyone is OK.

While this situation is totally new to us, we’re all in it together.

Keeping in touch, sharing laughs and letting friends and family know that you love them is what, ultimately, will get us through and make us stronger.