12 Perfect Escapist Novels

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BY KAREN BYROM, www.karensbookbag.co.uk

We may all be stuck at home at the moment, socially distancing or self-isolating, but we can let our minds roam at will with these wonderful, feel-good novels that will take us to beautiful places, at home and abroad.

They’re all available now, and can be ordered online or downloaded on to your e-reader.

Happy armchair travelling!

Top 12 picks…

My Mamma Mia Summer book cover

Scoot over to Skopelos with My Mamma Mia Summer by Annie Robertson. Laurel hasn’t taken a risk her whole life. But, as summertime dawns, she’s ready to take the plunge into adventure. Inspired by her Abba albums and her favourite film, Mamma Mia! she grabs her passport, dons her dungarees and jets off to Greece for her own Meryl-inspired adventure. Orion, PB £8.99, e-book £1.99. Available from Amazon.

Died and Gone To Devon book cover

Sample the delights of Devon with Died and Gone to Devon, the fourth instalment in the brilliant Miss Dimont Mystery series from leading author, broadcaster and journalist, TP Fielden. A delightful story, perfect for fans of No 1 Detective Ladies Agency. HQ, PB £8.99, e-book £4.99. Available from Amazon.

Island On The Edge of the World book cover

Venture into the teeming streets of Haiti with the Island on the Edge of the World by Deborah Rodriguez. Three intrepid women in search of lost family members together encompass what it means to love unreservedly in this glorious tale of motherly, daughterly and grandmotherly devotion that surmounts all obstacles in its way. Sphere, PB £7.99, e-book £3.99. Available from Amazon.

The Temptation of Gracie book cover

Take a trip to Italy with The Temptation of Gracie by Santa Montefiore. Along with her daughter and granddaughter, Gracie revisits the Tuscan chateau where she spent her teenage years learning how to be an artist, and falling in love. Will history repeat itself? Simon & Schuster PB £8.99, e-book £5.99. Available from Amazon.

Family For Beginners book cover

Visit The Lake District with Family For Beginners, the brand-new sparkly summer read from Sunday Times bestseller Sarah Morgan, a warm and wonderful story about finding family and love and staying true to yourself in the process. HQ, PB £7.99, e-book £3.99. Available from Amazon.

A Year In The Chateau book cover

Nestle down in Normandy with A Year In The Chateau by Sarah Long. A group of friends embark on a late life adventure when they buy an ancient chateau in Normandy, surrounded by a lake and acres of beautiful scenery, to live out their retirement dreams. But inevitable, there’s trouble in Paradise… Zaffre, PB £8.99, e-book £2.48. Available from Amazon.

The Girl With The Amber Comb book cover

Travel to Somerset with The Girl with the Amber Comb by saga author, Linda Finlay, a tale of romance, tragedy and triumph to delight fans of Rosie Goodwin and Dilly Court, set amongst the wetlands of Somerset. HQ, PB £7.99, e-boo, £3.99. Available from Amazon.

A Wedding In December book cover

Fly away in your head to the USA – and enjoy Christmas at the same time – with A Wedding in December by Sarah Morgan. Rosie and Dan are getting married in Colorado – but will their happy-ever-after be ruined by the arrival of Rosie’s separated parents and her disapproving sister? HQ, PB £7.99, e-book £3.99. Available from Amazon.

The Girl At The Window book cover

Travel to the Yorkshire moors with The Girl At The Window by Rowan Coleman. Trudy Heaton is lucky enough to live at Ponden Hall, inspiration for Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. But with her husband missing abroad, the house falling apart around her, and ghosts on the prowl, will her story be as tragic as Cathy’s? Ebury Press, PB £8.99, e-book £1.99. Available from Amazon.

A Summer Reunion book cover

Spend time in Spain with A Summer Reunion by Fanny Blake. When four women meet up to celebrate their sixtieth birthdays, fractures in their friendship begin to appear as secrets spill out and old scores are settled! Orion, PB £7.99, e-book £2.99. Available from Amazon.

The Path To The Sea book cover

Come to Cornwall with The Path to the Sea by Liz Fenwick, a beautifully evocative historical tale of the secrets held by the Cornish coast for three sisters, full of mystery and feel-good romance. HQ, PB £7.99, e-book £3.49. Available from Amazon.

One Thousand Stars and You

Sashay over to Sri Lanka with One Thousand Stars and You by Isabelle Broom. Alice, Maureen and Steff are on the trip of a lifetime – and when Alice meets Max, sparks fly. But as fate conspires against their relationship, can they look forward to a happy ever after? Romantic and tender. Penguin, PB £7.99, e-book £4.99. Available from Amazon.

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