My Weekly Latest Issue April 28

My Weekly editor Stuart JohnstoneThe weekly applause that echoes round the country is testament to what the women and men of the NHS mean to us. These people are heroes who unfailingly put themselves in harm’s way to take care of us all. In this issue, we’re thanking the NHS in our own unique way – with a look back at the life and legacy of Florence Nightingale on her 200th birthday, and a chat with a porter who cheers her patients by singing! Every NHS employee and all the key workers who have kept the country running through lockdown are amazing. We salute them all. Have a great week.

Stuart Johnstone, Editor

My Weekly latest issue is on sale from April 28-May 5, available at supermarkets, newsagents and as a subscription.

Take a look at what’s inside…

One Pot Summer Suppers

Unashamedly cheesy and comforting, Kathryn Hawkins’ easy-cook, easy-eat dishes all contain a little something extra and unexpected. From golden fried gnocchi in Sausage, Onion & Mustard Gratin to tender pulled pork in this Ranch Style Mac Cheese, this is food to make you feel good! There are a couple of meat-free options too.

Pan of ranch macaroni cheese, topped with chopped spring onion and containing pulled pork and red pepper

Pic: Lighthouse

It All Started With Florence…

Before COVID-19 was even identified, the World Health Organisation had designated 2020 the Year of the Nurse. It’s also 200 years since the birth of hospital revolutionary Florence Nightingale. Join us as we trace her legacy and the evolution of nursing to the present day.

Coloured etching of Florence Nightingale in clean, bright, spacious hospital ward with stove, open windows, well spaced beds and well stocked medicine cabinets.

Pic: Universal History Archive/UIG/Shutterstock. After lithograph from Simpson Illustrations of the War in the East, 1856.

Health Changes You Can Make Today

Using the latest research, we’ve identified a whole range of small but significant actions that can each improve our health. There’s a really surprising discovery about coffee, and how can we improve the way we brush our teeth? Pick up My Weekly latest issue to find out!

Young woman in blue top cleaning teeth with electric brush

Pic: Alamy

Funny Women

It’s never been more important to forget our worries for a while and have a laugh. We round up a selection of our favourite female comedians and actors, from Julie Walters to Meera Syal, and perhaps some surprises too. Rediscover your favourites and try some fresh comedy!

Actor and comedian Meera Syal in glamorous make-up, black dress and pearl jewellery

Pic: Nils Jorgensen/Shutterstock


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I've worked on a variety of regional newspapers and national magazines. My Weekly and Your Best Ever Christmas are fantastic, warm-hearted brands with an amazing, talented team. I'm a sub-editor and particularly love working on cookery, fiction and advice pages - I feel I should know all the secrets of eternal life, health and happiness by now, but hey, we all need that regular reminder!