10 Of The Best Plants For Containers

Cloth of Gold, Beautiful Colorful Hedge Flower, Lantana camara, Linn, VERBENACEAE,Tropical flower background on yellow Floating pots in the garden;

Fuchsia, snapdragon and clematis are some of the best plants to choose when creating hanging baskets, window boxes and pots. Plant experts from GardeningExpress.co.uk have revealed ten of the best species to buy and grow when planting in shorter containers

Caring for plants and flowers is known to be great for mental health and having something to look after and focus on can offer much needed stress relief at this uncertain time.

A spokesperson for GardeningExperess.co.uk said: “Not everyone is lucky enough to have a big garden where they can put all of their plants.

“These varieties will all thrive in hanging baskets, window boxes and pots, meaning they can be placed on balconies or on window ledges. They will help brighten the area and hopefully bring a smile to your face when you see them each day.”

 1 Fuchsia

Purple Fuchsia in pot;

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These hardy plants are perfect for hanging baskets, with their downward facing flowers beautifully hanging and draping over the basket. If kept frost free over winter, they will bloom again next year.


2 Lantana


Cloth of Gold, Beautiful Colorful Hedge Flower, Lantana camara, Linn, VERBENACEAE,Tropical flower background on yellow Floating pots in the garden;

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These bright orange flowers are known to attract butterflies and hummingbirds, inviting some beautiful wildlife into your outside area. They also tolerate dry conditions, meaning they need very little water.


3 Snapdragon

Beautiful garden flowers at sunny day, Snapdragon flowers blooming in garden, Colorful Snapdragons;

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Also known as Antirrhinums, these upright flowers will help add height and drama to your low-lying pots. The vivid colours will grab your attention and add some colour.


4 Petunia

Petunia ,Petunias in the tray,Petunia in the pot, Purple petunia ;

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This extremely popular flower comes in several varieties and can survive in most conditions, but will thrive in sunlight. Water weekly to keep them healthy and happy.


5 Impatiens

Bright pink impatiens hawkeri, the New Guinea impatiens, in white flower pots;

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These are very easy to maintain and can grow and survive well in containers. A great addition to any window box, they need plenty of water and will thrive in shady areas.


6 Wisteria

Purple Wisteria blossoms on a background of the sea. Natural home decoration with flowers of Chinese Wisteria (Fabaceae Wisteria sinensis).;

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This decadent climber is moderately easy to grow and produces a rich fragrance during the spring. Wisteria needs plenty of sunlight, but also needs to be regularly watered. It can be quite time-consuming due to it needing to be trained otherwise it will be popping up throughout the garden.


7 Clematis

The clematis on the iron fence;

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The rambling plant will become a centre piece when put into a hanging basket. It will drape over the side creating a natural chandelier, with the pale colours popping against a wall or fence.


8 Lobelia

Lobelia erinus flower (edging lobelia, garden lobelia or trailing lobelia) hanging on iron wall hanging flower plant pot bracket outdoors in garden in beautiful sunny summer evening. ;

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Although the flowers of the lobelia are small in size, the sheer quantity of flowers it produces is impressive. They can survive in heat and thrive in full sunlight and moist soil.

9 Geraniums

Pink geranium in garden;

Pic: Shutterstock

These hardy plants can survive most conditions and are drought tolerant meaning they can cope in hanging baskets where it’s more difficult to water the plants.

 10 Nasturtiums

Nasturtium plant growing in a pot. Nasturtium plant with orange flowers. Bright orange nasturtiums;

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One of the easiest flowers to grow from seeds, Nasturtiums offer a lot of colour variety, meaning you can choose from bright orange floers to the creamy white options.

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