Aggie Cleans Up With 7 Top Household Tips

Aggie Mackenzie, stylish mature woman with short blonde hair in grey top with burgundy statement necklace, sitting smiling in kitchen with red spotted mug

It’s the quick-fire round! From tidying hacks to recommended products, cleaning guru Aggie has all the answers you need…

Black seals on your fridge?

If your fridge seals have turned black and mouldy, try Milton Sterilising Fluid. Dilute and wipe, paying attention to the folds and allow to air-dry – no need to rinse.

How to keep your home tidy

My golden rule for keeping the place neat is never to go upstairs or downstairs empty-handed. Leave items at the bottom of the stairs to take up next time (though somehow male family members can be blissfully blind to this!).

An easy way to keep your pet’s bowl clean

If you have a cat or dog, drop a little vegetable oil into its clean bowl and rub it over the surface with a sheet of kitchen paper.

It will be so much quicker to clean after your pet’s eaten, plus the animal’s coat should benefit too!

Make your stainless-steel cutlery shine again

If you’ve been storing away stainless-steel cutlery for a while, it may have tarnished. And guess what – vinegar won’t shift the tarnish!

What you need is special metal cleaner such as Maas Metal Polish from Lakeland. It’s not cheap (£12.99) but a tube will last for ages and, most importantly, will work!

Remove a Blu-Tack stain

Dip a tiny amount of lighter fuel onto cotton wool and dab carefully at the stain, working around the oily area.

Keep your toothbrush clean!

Young happy caucasian woman cleaning teeth with toothbrush in bathroom

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We use our toothbrush every day to get the gunk and germs out of our mouths, so freshen yours weekly by dipping it into diluted Milton Sterilising solution for a few minutes. And be sure to replace your brush every three months.

Shoe polish on the carpet?

Squirt lightly with WD-40, then blot with paper towel. Work from the outside in, dabbing gently to avoid pushing the stain deeper in. Repeat until it’s gone.

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