Add Value To Your Home With a Blue Front Door

Thinking of changing the colour of your front door? experts found the colour of your front door can affect the value of your house – and discovered what the colour says about you.

Key Findings:       

Blue is the most valuable front door colour to have, adding an average of £4,000 to property.
Brown is the least valuable, decreasing property value by an average of £700.
Avoid ‘extreme colours’ and keep things ‘neutral’ if you are selling, advises property expert. spoke to Lee Chambers MSc MBPsS, an Environmental Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant, who told them:

“Colour is a powerful tool to communicate action, influence choice and even change people’s mood. It can even influence physiological reactions. While in office design, we use green in regenerative environments, and blue in productive environments, the colour of your front door can influence a buyers initial perception. Our eyes are drawn to entrance points, so a front door is often one of the first things we notice.”

What Colours Say About Your Home also looked into the psychology of colour and what it conveys about your home to potential buyers. We found, with the help of Chambers:

A red front door is seen as very traditional, like a post-box, and conveys a vibrant, passionate personality inside.
A green front door conveys a trusting, grounded personality and represents growth.
A white front door is seen as more modern, clean, and organised in some respects, and peaceful in others.
A brown front door, usually wooden, promotes a more natural sense, strong and stable.
A black door can be mysterious but can also be stylish and sophisticated.
A blue front door can promote a feeling of serenity and promotes an appealing sense of freedom.
Study of value analysed over 1,000 properties on Zoopla, based in the UK, with 3 bedrooms and a garden, and calculated the average price as £275,000.

10 properties of each door colour were picked at random to see if there was a price difference on average.

From their analysis, found blue is the most valuable front door. In fact, a blue front door can add a whopping £4,000 to your house value. Shortly behind blue is white , which adds roughly £3,400 to the value of your house.

The least valuable door colour is a brown door which actually reduces the value of your house by £700.

When it comes to getting the most value from your property spoke to Alex Willcocks of Burbeck Interiors:

“Extreme colours for doors are great if you want to inject your personality into your property but aren’t great for selling houses. I would recommend painting your front door a neutral colour, or for a more modern property, opt for a more contemporary style as a focal point.”

The full study is available to read here:


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