The Land of The Midnight Sun

Kirkjufell Volcano, Iceland Pic: Shutterstock


There’s something truly enchanting about those places in the Arctic Circle that experience 24-hour daylight. Why not experience it for yourself on a cruise next June – we have a very special 2 for 1 offer on fares!

The midnight sun is a strange phenomenon that takes place every summer, north of the Arctic Circle. Every year between May and August, people living in these places see the effect of the earth’s rotations on a tilted axis relative to the sun. The North Pole is angled towards the sun, so the sun will appear to approach the horizon but never cross it before it starts to rise again. The result is a bright, warming light, all through the night.

So where can you see the midnight sun?

You don’t have to travel far to experience a similar effect. In the north of Scotland, there’s a period of sustained “nautical twilight” in the summer. In the Shetland Islands the skies glow as the “Simmer Dim” creates an ethereal atmosphere at night. Walk through the open island landscapes, experiencing the surreal light, noticing wild animals and seals splashing in the sea.

The lifestyle in Shetland is unique, with a strong Viking history and traditions that survive to this day. The islands also offer a range of outdoor adventure activities.

Further north, the Faroe Islands offer dramatic craggy landscapes, and a midnight sun experience where it’s said sunset and sunrise merge, resulting in the most beautiful and dramatic light that lasts for hours.

In Norway, the town of Svalbard has the longest midnight sun experience in the world. The sun doesn’t set there from April 20 until August 22. Further north still, Iceland is known for its dramatic landscapes, geysers and warm lagoons. Residents also experience the midnight sun for about three months in summertime. They celebrate with an annual midnight sun run, around the time of the summer solstice in June.

Another great place to see the midnight sun is northern Canada. Inuvik, in the north-west, has 56 consecutive days of sunshine. People celebrate with midnight barbecues, fishing trips and sunbathing into the small hours.


Finland’s Presidential Palace, Helsinki Pic: Shutterstock

Finland’s Presidential Palace, Helsinki Pic: Shutterstock

Finland comes to life in summer, with a bright reddish glow illuminating the skies at night and people enjoying nocturnal swims and saunas. Public spaces open up and there’s a Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankylä.


Swedish Lapland is a great place to enjoy the midnight sun. You can play golf at the Björkliden Arctic Golf Course after midnight, climb Mount Kebnekaise, go skiing, or take an ice-sculpting course at the Ice Hotel!

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Bustling Stavanger Pic: Shutterstock

Bustling Stavanger Pic: Shutterstock

Take a fabulous Norwegian cruise in June 2021 to explore beautiful parts of Norway including the North Cape. Enjoy amazing sights and spectacular landscapes, soaking up the long days of the midnight sun. There are mountains, glaciers, fjords, pretty towns and charming villages.

Highlights include incredible views from the North Cape Plateau, and the cable car to the top of Storsteinen, offering brilliant views over Tromsø. At Åndalsnes you can follow the Troll Path – the Trollstigen – through 11 hairpin bends to dizzying heights, 2,800 feet above sea level!

The following day the ship arrives at Tromsø, where there are optional cable car and Arctic Cathedral tours. At Åndalsnes you can ride the mountain railway or visit the Troll Path. Nearing the end of your journey, you visit Måløy, with optional tours of Nordfjordeid, the lighthouse, or the monastery.

Finally, there’s a stop at Stavanger, a vibrant modern city, where you can relax on a fjord cruise through Lyesfjord, passing the Pulpit Rock, an iconic landmark 1,968ft high.

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