Create a Bedroom Sanctuary

Turning your bedroom into a sleep haven that aids your rest is crucial for wellbeing, according to the sleep experts at Hypnos, who of course stress the importance of finding a good, comfortable mattress.


Hypnos’ resident sleep and wellbeing expert, Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, said, “When it comes to your sleep sanctuary, a tidy space not only breeds a tidy mind, it also creates a calm haven and a room that’s easier for you to relax and sleep in. In fact, de-cluttering is the perfect way to de-stress and create a bedroom that’s free from disorder and perfect for sleep.

“Having a good clear out and getting rid of unwanted clutter can do wonders for how you feel, but be careful not to be too ruthless. Be kind to yourself and your possessions and make sure you keep anything of sentimental value as memories are precious.

Get Happy

“The bedroom in particular is an extension, and sometimes a reflection, of how you’re feeling, for example if you’re under pressure, feeling stressed or anxious, then your bedroom might be very messy. Or if you’re feeling happy, it may be on the other end of the spectrum and extremely tidy.

“Therefore, choosing to start a clear out with the bedroom can have a dramatic impact on how you’re feeling and give you a boost of happiness!”

Top Tips

“Tackle and focus on three key areas of the bedroom first. Next, go through each area one-by-one to identify what items you’d like to keep and what you’d like to toss by popping them into respective piles.

“Take any unwanted and suitable items to a charity shop (that way you’re feeding back in to the recycling loop) .

“Finally pack away the items you’ve decided to keep. When you’re doing this, think about these belongings from a seasonal perspective. Consider how often you will use each item going forward.

“For example, if it’s clothes and we’re in summer, pop the winter knits and shoes into storage to free up space for your lighter wear and store seasonal or infrequently used items in the top or back of cupboards.

Order, Order

“Try to find a home for things you know clutter up your bedroom on a day to day basis so your surfaces are always remain clear. Whether that be inside an ornamental box, a drawer or ottoman.

“The simple addition of an attractive bin for used toiletries or a washing basket for used clothes can help keep things in order.”

Audrey Patterson

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