Pocket Novel: Risky Business

Risky Business cover

A new job! Letty wasn’t expecting it to be anything other than routine – how wrong she was!

Office Intrigue

It seems odd that Letty’s boss is so keen for her to learn the outmoded skill of shorthand. But when Miss Kemp, her teacher, apparently suffers a serious fall, Letty’s skill and eye for detail lead her – along with Miss Kemp’s gorgeous nephew, Adam – into finding clues to a decades-old crime. And that could put them both, and their friends, in grave danger…

  • Perfect size for your handbag
  • Romance and drama
  • Puzzles inside, too!
  • Written by Gail Richards

On sale from October 15 2020, only £3.99! Available from supermarkets, newsagents and by subscription.

Allison Hay

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