Elinor Lipman reads from Rachel To The Rescue

Rachel Klein is sacked from her job at the White House after she sends an email criticising the president.

As she is escorted off the premises, she is hit by a speeding car – a car driven by a person the press will discreetly call ‘a personal friend of the President’.

Does that explain the flowers? The get-well wishes at a press briefing? The hush money offered by a lawyer at her hospital bedside?

Rachel’s recovery is soothed by comically doting parents, matchmaking room-mates and a new job as aide to a journalist whose books aim to defame the President. She also finds unexpected love at the local wine store.

But secrets leak. Rachel’s new-found happiness has to make room for more than a little chaos.

Will she bring down the President? Or will he manage to do that all by himself?

Rachel To The Rescue is a mischievous political satire, with a delightful cast of characters, from one of America’s funniest novelists.

Enjoy Elinor’s reading of a conversation that will leave you eager to read more…

Rachel To The Rescue by Elinor Lipman is published by Lightning Books, £8.99, out now.