Fill Your Home With Houseplants!

With the average person in Britain spending much more time at home, houseplants are a breath of fresh air for inside spaces.

A brilliant anti-pollutant, plants help to increase oxygen levels and bring a touch of the outside in, providing a natural healthy pick-me-up.

Our love of indoor gardening shows no signs of slowing down, and retailers are expanding their ranges to meet demand.

However a note of caution – not all plants are safe for pets, so we have some useful recommendations from a vet.

And if you were wondering what the nation’s favourite plants are, and how that varies in different parts of the UK, we have the statistics!

4 of the best at Dobbies

Houseplant buyer at Dobbies Garden Centre Claire Bishop shares her top 4 mood boosting houseplant recommendations…

“Whether you have one single statement plant or fill your home with an abundance of greenery for an indoor jungle feel, plants bring us closer to nature. They require regular watering and nurture, which has wide-ranging benefits from boosting your mood to creating a sense of purpose.

“My top 5 happy houseplants would be these.”

1. Peacock plant

Due to their patterns and colours they brighten any home and also clean the surrounding air.

Peacock plant (Calathea) £14.99; Lizzy plant pot £7.99

2. Cheese plant

Cheese Plant (Monstera) on moss pole, £59.99. Also pictured – Jungle Vine (Parthenocissus Amazonica) £19.99; Clivia £14.99; Dexter hanger £19.99 Dexter plant stand £59.99

More on Monstera later on!

3. Peace Lily

One of the top air purifiers, but also with lovely white flowering plants and they are pretty easy to care for. They are particularly good for increasing moisture in the air, so ideal in the bedroom. They get rid of chemicals by absorbing and then breaking them down.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) £14.99

4. Phalaenopsis Orchid

A striking plant that flowers for a long time and is a great centrepiece in the home when planted on groups. A great addition to a room that’s been recently painted or renovated, removing xylene from the air.

Find out more on Dobbies’ range here.

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Bunches’ top 3 houseplants

Family-owned online florist Bunches has launched the first collection in its new large indoor plant range with these impressive beauties standing between 70 and 95cm tall. Dedicated to delivering meaningful moments since 1989, the company also donates a minimum of 10% of profits to charitable projects both in the UK and abroad. So not only will your home be transformed into a serene, green haven, but you will be supporting Bunches on its mission to make a difference.

The plants are available to purchase online from 12 January 2021 and include free courier delivery straight to your door.

Cheese Plant – £37.00

With its unique leaf shape, the Cheese Plant is a firm favourite for interior experts who love its iconic, retro look. Paired with a ‘millennial pink’ backdrop, or bold printed furniture, the large, glossy leaves will make a statement in any home.

These plants can help to improve your health and concentration, while reducing your stress levels. Perfect for keeping in your home office.

Preferring a warm, humid atmosphere, the cheese plant is a great addition as a central feature in your conservatory or tucked away in the corner of your living room.

Zanzibar Gem Plant – £40.00

The ideal gift for a forgetful friend who neglects their plants, the Zanzibar Gem Plant is known to survive in dry and even dark conditions.

Its stunning dark green leaves look stylish in any setting and can withstand a missed watering or two. They’re ideal for busy key workers or houseplant newbies!

These gorgeous green plants also help to purify the air, removing toxins, releasing oxygen and increasing humidity.

Areca Palm Plant – £42.00

Turn your bathroom into a lush forest with these beautiful palms. Their thick stems and narrow leaves are reminiscent of bamboo and bring an oriental feel to your home.

Areca Palms thrive in humid atmospheres and look great in a modern bathroom setting or adorning your hallway table.

Plants can boost your mood, productivity and creativity by up to 15%. For those of you who make your life plans in the shower, this plant will be perfect for you.

Choose from these stunning house plants to help breathe life into your home. Bunches will be expanding its tall indoor plants range in February 2021.

Pets And Plants Don’t Always Mix

When shopping for plants remember to take into consideration whether the new green household addition will be pet friendly.

Some plants contain toxins that can cause several problems for dogs, such as diarrhoea or vomiting.

Thankfully there’s still plenty of beautiful greenery to choose from. Experts at have created a guide to dog-friendly plants, suitable for your home. From small desktop ferns to statement palms, here are the most dog-friendly plants.

Small Dog-Friendly Plants

pink bromeliad house plant, dog friendly plant

Bromeliads are colourful, exotic… and non toxic to pets. Pic: Shutterstock

Why not spruce up your office space with a Boston Fern? This plant makes a perfect addition to your home office because it doesn’t need too much light. Make sure you keep it well watered!

To add a little bit of the exotic into your home, invest in a Bromeliad. Its bright, colourful appearance might have you thinking you need an expert green thumb to keep it maintained. But all it needs is plenty of bright light, optimal humidity and sufficient drainage.

If you’re after a relatively low-maintenance house-plant, you’re looking for a Chinese Money Plant! Also nicknamed the ‘Pancake’ or ‘UFO’ plant due to its flat, round leaves, this plant only needs a little water when its soil feels dry, and a spot where it can get enough light without being in direct sunlight.

Big Dog-Friendly Plants

If you haven’t been able to make it to a beach this year and you’re missing the palm trees, a Kentia Palm will give you the feeling of the sand between your toes in your own home.

The Kentia Palm appreciates being watered approximately once a week, moist air (mist it a few times a week!) and lots of medium light.

A Calathea Whitestar is the perfect plant if you’re a fan of minimalist interiors, but love something with a bit of texture. This purifying plant only needs watering once a week along with bright, indirect sunlight and a bit of nitrogen-rich fertiliser in its growing season – which is spring and summer.

A Cast Iron Plant is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a large, statement plant. Its large leaves stand out in any room and it’s pretty easy to take care of. It only needs a little water and bright, indirect sunlight.

Revealed: The UK’s Most Searched House Plant

New research from apartment rental brand Essential Living has revealed the UK’s most popular indoor plants during lockdown, based on Google search data.

The study includes which parts of the UK are searching the most for each of the popular house plants.  

Taking a list of 27 popular house plants, the study ranked each plant based on UK search volume, Instagram hashtag data and lockdown popularity increase to form an overall index score. 

Top 10 Most Popular Lockdown Houseplants

Snake Plants, Cactus, and Peacock Plants were ranked the top three most popular houseplants in the UK based on their high index score. The snake plant (first place) and mother-in-law’s tongue (ninth place) are in fact one and the same species, cementing its runaway appeal!

  1. Snake Plant (Dracaena Trifasciata) – 34.50
  2. Cactus (Cactaceae)33.75
  3. Peacock Plant (Calathea Sanderiana)32.50
  4. Prayer Plant (Maranta Leuconeura)31.50
  5. String of Hearts (Ceropegia)30.00
  6. Aloe Plant (Aloe Vera)29.50
  7. Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Nicolai)29.25
  8. String of Pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus)29.00
  9. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue (Dracaena Trifasciata) 28.50
  10. Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomioides) – 27.00

Snake plant is hardy and striking. Pic: Shutterstock

Snake plant showed a lockdown popularity increase of 116.3%.

Nick Woodward, Head of Lettings at Essential Living said: “We encourage our residents to make their apartments as comfortable as possible and this has been even more important during the UK lockdown. 

“House plants have been proven to have a positive impact on mental wellbeing, improve concentration and purify the air around us, so houseplants are a great way to create a relaxing and mindful environment inside.”  

Revealed: 10 Most Popular Houseplants (according to Instagram)

Houseplants have become an increasingly popular trend on social media, with users sharing their indoor greenery amongst followers. Using hashtag data the study was able to reveal which of the houseplants were the most influential on Instagram. 

  1. Cactus (Cactaceae) – #14,427,922
  2. Aloe Plant (Aloe Vera)#3,373,965
  3. Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Nicolai) #382,722
  4. Peacock Plant (Calathea Sanderiana)#289,034
  5. Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata)#272,215
  6. Snake Plant (Dracaena Trifasciata) #201,658
  7. String of Pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus) #121,716
  8. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)#107,786
  9. Prayer Plant (Maranta Leuconeura)#98,381
  10. String of Hearts (Ceropegia)#80,077

Most Searched Houseplant Per Region

Using Google Data, the study included which parts of the UK are searching the most for each of the popular houseplants. Bristol was revealed as the most green-fingered city, with the highest number of popular plant searches, followed by Liverpool and Edinburgh. 

  • Snake plant was revealed as the most popular houseplant in Bristol. It’s a plant that requires little effort, perfect for beginners and busy households. 
  • Liverpool’s most searched for houseplant is the Rubber Plant, followed by Areca Palm and Dwarf Umbrella Tree. 
  • String of Hearts topped the chart as Edinburgh’s most popular indoor plant during lockdown. This hardy houseplant has beautiful heart shaped leaves.
  • Originating from West Africa and primarily known for its slick sword-like long leaves, Mother-in-laws Tongue is Manchester’s most popular houseplant. 
  • Palm plant is the most sought after indoor plant in Glasgow. It’s known best for its low maintenance properties and ability to grow tall.
  • The study revealed that Birmingham’s most searched for houseplant is Aloe Vera. It’s followed by the Dwarf Umbrella Tree and Rubber plant.  
  • Recognised for its dramatic foliage, London’s most popular house plant, the Elephant Ear Plant, has the ability to transform a small space and add a touch of greenery. 


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