Silver Linings

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Even a chipped windscreen and missed appointment can turn out well…

Janine heard a loud crack as she drove along the road. Then she noticed the rock chip in the middle of the windscreen.

Oh no, what rotten timing. She pulled over and inspected the damage. OK, it didn’t look too bad – a small chip with tiny cracks radiating out – but she knew if she ignored it and kept driving, it could get worse. That happened to her brother’s car last year.

Considering she’d borrowed Josh’s car to go to the job interview today, she couldn’t let it happen again. A repair was far cheaper than replacing a windscreen.

It didn’t take her long to find a local roadside windscreen repairer with her mobile phone and they arranged to send someone out to her.

Janine’s next call was to Robert and Young Accountants, to let them know she’d be late for her job interview for the receptionist position.

They seemed a bit short with her…

Had she blown her chances for landing the job? Normally she tried to stay positive but this time she struggled to find a silver lining in her predicament.

The windscreen repair van pulled up near her car within fifteen minutes.

“Hi,” she said to man who stepped out of the van. Her heart had a wow moment – not so much from his looks, but his incredible smile.

“Hi, I’m Steve.” He bent towards the windscreen and inspected the chip. “Smaller than a quarter, clean, dry, I should be able to fix that in no time.”

“Does that mean I could still get to town by midday? I was on my way to a job interview.”

“I don’t think by midday – sorry,” he said. “Could you ring them and explain the situation? They should understand. And if they don’t, well, maybe it’s not a place you really want to be working at.”

“A silver lining.” Janine smiled.


I was looking for a silver lining to this situation and now you helped me find one. You’re right. If they can’t make allowances for something out of my control, that tells me a lot, doesn’t it?

“Well, I know sometimes it only takes something small to know plenty about a person.” His gaze held her eyes. He had lovely hazel eyes framed by long lashes and small laugh lines.

“I think you’re right there.” Janine certainly felt she knew things about Steve already, and all of it positive.

Steve looked as if he was about to say more, then hesitated and pointed to his van. “I’ll just get working on your windscreen. The sooner it’s done, the sooner you can get to that interview.”

He worked diligently while Janine watched on. She liked his hands – especially the fact they were sans wedding ring. Their conversation flowed easily as he inserted resin into the chip.

“I hope my chatter isn’t distracting you,” said Janine.

“Only in a good way,” Steve said, as he held a small device over the resin to harden it. “If you were by my side for all my jobs, I wouldn’t mind.”

Janine was flattered until he added, “Having someone to talk to makes the day go quicker.”

Not her especially, then. Shame.

He stepped away from the car. “Finished.”

She paid by credit card and he handed her the receipt and the paperwork. He pointed to a typed phone number.

“That’s the company’s number.

If there’s any problem with the windscreen.”

“What’s this other number added in handwriting?” she asked.

“Oh, that’s my mobile number.” He smiled at her. “Because… well, maybe you could tell me how the interview went. And if you get the job.”

Three days later, she did ring…

The first thing Steve asked was whether she got the job. She didn’t. The interviewer wasn’t happy she was late, despite the reason.

“That’s so unfair,” Steve said. “Let me take you to dinner, to cheer you up.”

They decided on Italian. The food was great, the company excellent. Janine smiled over her wine glass. Being late may have cost her a job but Steve was right – there was a silver lining. He was sitting right in front of her.

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