The Talk of Pram Town | Joanna Nadin

The Talk of Pram Town

Joanna’s latest novel is an enchanting and emotional story of mothers, daughters, second chances and secrets – enjoy an extract now…

It’s 1981. Eleven-year-old Sadie adores her beautiful and vibrant mother, Connie, whose dreams of making it big as a singer fill their tiny house in Leeds. It’s always been just the two of them. Until the unthinkable happens.

Jean hasn’t seen her good-for-nothing daughter Connie since she ran away from the family home in Harlow – or Pram Town as its inhabitants affectionately call it – aged seventeen and pregnant.

But in the wake of the Royal Wedding, Jean gets a life-changing call: could she please come and collect the granddaughter she’s never met?

We all know how Charles and Diana turned out, and it looks like there could be trouble ahead for Jean and Sadie, too, but is there hope of a happy ending for them?

Joanna reads for us…

The Talk of Pram Town by Joanna Nadin is out March 4, 2021 (Pan Macmillan, HB £16.99, eBook £7.99) and available from Amazon.

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