The Best Easy Care Houseplants… And Mistakes To Avoid

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If you – like many of us! – have trouble keeping your plants alive, you’ll be happy to know that the experts at Flowercard have put together some top tips, as well as the most common plant care mistakes to avoid.

New research has also revealed the top 10 most popular low maintenance houseplants for your home, to give you the best chance of success. View the full research here

So how do you keep houseplants alive?

Flower expert Liam Lapping, from Flowercard, reveals how often you should water your houseplants, as well as how much sunlight they need.

“All houseplants need natural sunlight to survive, but how much sunlight plants need, depends entirely on the individual plant,” Liam says. “So try a quick Google to find out the needs of your indoor plants.

“To ensure your house plants receive enough natural sunlight, switch off your electric light to see how much natural light fills the room where your houseplants live.

“Plants cannot feed off bulb light, so make sure your room is receiving enough from outside. For plants that need a lot of sunlight, placing them by large windows is a great way to ensure they receive the light they need, while shade-loving plants can sit in corners of rooms or on shelves, for example.

“Another tip for ensuring plants get enough sunlight is to use a compass on your phone to work out which direction your windows are facing. Ensuring that you have the plants near to south-facing windows is the best bet for ensuring maximum light exposure.

“When it comes to watering your indoor plants, this will also vary depending on the type of plant you have, though most plants need watering every 2-4 days.

“As a general rule, smaller plants will need more frequent watering than larger plants.

“Those that sit in sunlight will also need watering more frequently – if in doubt, feel the soil!

“Most indoor plants will thrive in moist compost in spring and summer-time. But just be careful not to over-water your plants, as water-logging can be fatal! Pots with drainage holes will allow excess water to drain out, and prevent any wet compost.”

What are the most popular easy care plants?

New research by Flowercard reveals the most popular low maintenance plants on TikTok right now. The research analyses hashtags and views on TikTok to reveal the most popular houseplants on the app.

Taking the crown for the most popular houseplant on TikTok is the Cactus. With a huge 805,541,000 hashtags, this humble but spiky plant is incredibly low maintenance and needs watering once a week in summer and every four weeks in winter!

Coming in second place is Lavender. With 288,743,500 TikTok hashtags this plant has lots of beneficial properties, including its soothing scent, which is said to aid sleep. French Lavender is the best dwarf variety  to keep as a houseplant.

Taking third place is the Venus Fly Trap with 243,000,000 hashtags on TikTok. This carnivorous plant captures its prey quickly, removing flies from your home. It is also a very easy plant to keep alive indoors.

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