The Secret To Optimal Ageing? We Share It With You!

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Today’s population can expect to live longer than ever before, so how can we make these additional years as healthy and fulfilling as possible? Whilst there is no magical pill to preserve the fountain of youth, adopting a positive proactive approach to growing older can help people of all ages to take control of their physical and mental wellbeing.

According to optimal ageing expert and founder of the evidence-based and nationally recognised fitness initiative, Move It or Lose It, Julie Robinson, the secret to enjoying good health in later life could be as simple as keeping active;

“Whilst it can be tempting to ‘slow down’ as we get older, in fact the opposite ought to be promoted, as increasing activity levels is key to maintaining a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle at all ages. Regular exercise helps to support strong joint and muscle function, preserving a good level of mobility that underpins positive physical and mental health.”

Julie Robinson

Julie Robinson

Inevitably however, growing older can also bring about physical changes that may affect activity levels. Joint health conditions such as osteoarthritis, which is predicted to impact 50% of adults over 65, can impede mobility or make everyday tasks more challenging.

Julie adds;

“My work with Move it or Lose it has proven that it is never too late to get active, and that huge improvements can be made at any age that have a profound impact on quality of life. However, joint pain and stiffness, such as arthritic conditions that increase with prevalence as we age, can make exercising hard, creating a vicious cycle of inactivity and reduced mobility, further exacerbating symptoms. Increased exercise has a positive effect on the body, helping to reduce inflammation and strengthening muscles and bones, thus helping people to live longer and healthier lives in their later years.

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“Joint health supplements that are backed by strong scientific research are one of the ways that we can support an active lifestyle, and get joint-pain sufferers back on their feet and exercising with confidence. One such example is an anti-inflammatory extract derived from rose-hip, containing an active compound called GOPO®, that is shown in clinical research to reduce joint pain by as much as 80% in as little as 3 weeks, whilst safeguarding protective joint cartilage for years to come.”

5 Top Tips To Start Your Healthy Ageing Journey

1) Pace Yourself – staying active in later life doesn’t need to mean running marathons. Whilst there is no limit to your goals, even a daily walk or seated exercises can play an important role in keeping muscles strong and joints limber.

2) Take a helping hand – incorporating a clinically backed supplement into your diet can help to protect against the wear and tear of active joints, such as GOPO®, which has been shown to relieve joint pain and stiffness due to the combined anti-inflammatory properties.

3) Dress right – supportive footwear can offer cushioning to ease pressure on load-bearing joints, whilst loose breathable clothing allows free movement while helping to regulate your body temperature.

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4) Find a friend – look for local exercise classes, such as those ran by Move it or Lose it, to learn new ways to get active in a sociable and supportive environment whilst having fun.

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5) Make healthy habits – incorporating simple changes into your daily routines, such as stretches whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, can add up to make a big difference without needing to break a sweat.

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GOPO® Joint Health is a natural anti-inflammatory treatment made from specially cultivated rose-hip, shown in extensive scientific studies to reduce joint pain and swelling, improving joint mobility2,4-6 and may even restore cartilage. Ginger has also been shown to activate anti-inflammatory proteins to reduce morning joint stiffness and muscle pain by 25%, and is available alongside high levels of GOPO® in the new GOPO® Joint Health Plus Ginger, specially formulated to safeguard joints to help maintain an active lifestyle.

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