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We’re all intrigued by the process of turning an idea into a novel, but how does it work in a writing partnership? Co-authors Steph Mullin and Nicole Mabry explain all, as they look forward to the release of their twisty new psychological thriller, When She Disappeared, out March 3. If you can’t wait until then to read their work, why not pick up the latest issue of My Weekly for an exclusive short story, Whatever Happened To Abigail Grace?, just one of 11 fabulous fiction stories in the issue!

When She Disappeared

On May 26, 2004, Jessie Germaine went to school as normal and cheered at the end of year rally. That evening, she rode her bike into the forest and disappeared… into thin air.

Margo hasn’t been back to Lake Moss since her childhood best friend went missing, but as she returns, running from a failed marriage, the news breaks.

Her hometown’s swimming hole has been Jessie’s grave for fifteen years. Digging out her old diary and steeling herself to face unfriendly ghosts of the past, Margo sets out to help a documentary crew as they investigate the infamous case the police bungled.

In a town where everyone knows everyone – but they all have secrets – the killer is certain to be close to home…

When She Disappeared by Steph Mullin & Nicole Mabry is out March 3 (HarperCollins, PB £8.99, eBook £1.99). It’s available to pre-order now on Amazon.

Steph & Nicole on their writing partnership

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