Scrumptious Summer Pains Au Lait Pudding

  • Preparation Time: 10min plus standing
  • Cooking Time: 30min
  • Serves: 4
Oval pudding dish with scattered berries and golden brown pieces of sponge set in a custard-like sauce

WOW! This scrumptious dessert is a cross between summer pudding and bread and butter pudding – and it tastes amazing! Brioche Pasquier is a French family bakery founded in 1936. Here’s more information and recipes.


  1. Split the Pains au Lait in half and butter them lightly. Next, use a little butter to grease a 1.5 litre baking dish. Put the Pains au Lait into the dish and scatter the fruit on top.
  2. Beat together the eggs, milk, crème fraiche, sugar and vanilla extract. Allow a few minutes for the sugar to dissolve, then strain the mixture into the dish through a sieve, over the Pains au Lait.
  3. Cover the dish with cling film and allow stand for at least 30min. If you want to cook the pudding later, refrigerate until required.
  4. Preheat the oven to 180°C, Fan Oven 160°C, Gas Mark 4.
  5. Remove the cling film from the pudding, then bake for 25-30min until set and golden brown. Cool for a few minutes. Sprinkle with a little extra caster sugar and serve with crème fraiche.

Cook’s tip: You can serve this pudding cold too – so you don’t have to eat it all at once!

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