Summer Wines

Morrisons wine

We’re sure you’re going to love our great burger recipes in this week’s issue – they’re perfect for throwing on the barbie or enjoying indoors! There are also quick and easy relish suggestions and if you’re thinking of having friends round for a barbie, we’ve tried some delicious, summery wines by Morrisons which are the perfect accompaniment!

Our 3 Favourites

Summer wine from Morrisons

Summer wine from Morrisons

  • Morrisons Malbec, £4, perfect with grilled steaks and burgers, and a real bargain at less than £5.
  • M Signature Prosecco Spumante, £8.25, light and fruity, lemony and creamy and less than £10.
  • Menestrello Spumante Bianco, £8, this wine is made by the same method as Prosecco, with a creamy apple and peach flavour.

Also Highly Recommended

Perfect for barbecues

Perfect for barbecues

  • Mud House Sauvignon Blanc Rose, £7, crisp and elegant and not too sweet.
  • Award-winning M Signature Albarino, £8, light and perfect with seafood.

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