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Our Brand New Fiction Podcast!

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If you want the perfect companion for your mid-morning break, whether that be a cuppa and a biscuit or a walk round your local park – the My Weekly podcast is for you! Series 1 is out now with My Weekly’s Claire Gill and all your favourite authors.

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Podcast logoWhile you whizz away, or sit back and relax, you can listen to the conversations at our fictional bookshop, which we have affectionately named My Weekly’s Magical Flying Bookshop. Enjoy a cosy chat, served with a slice of a story read by the author, along with a review of the latest books.

Podcast creator My Weekly’s journalist Claire Gill says,

“Our research showed that our readers were starting to listen to podcasts, coupled with the fantastic response we had from our live event with author Adele Parks,  a gem of an idea started to form in my mind – a podcast. It needed to be atmospheric, keeping in with My Weekly’s brand and ultimately something for the readers, time for themselves.”

It’s been so exciting to see the concept come to life with so many big authors involved.

Series 1 includes My Weekly favourites Ann Cleeves, Sophie Kinsella, Dr Hilary Jones and Dorothy Koomson, amongst others – and a new episode was launched every Thursday. Listen to our trailer now.


What is a podcast?

It’s simply an audio show, and you can listen to it any time that suits!

When does the series start?

Series 1 is out now, plus our special bumper issue.  Check out below for the full line up with host, My Weekly’s journalist Claire Gill.

Where can I access the podcasts?

You’ll need a podcast app. You might find one installed on your phone or tablet already, but if not, search for a suitable app in your app store. Popular ones include Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts and Amazon Music. Once you’ve downloaded the app, use the search facility within the app to find My Weekly’s Magical Flying Bookshop.  All available episodes will be listed.


Series 1 – the full line-up

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