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Jessica Ennis looks lovely

“Since becoming a mother, my training and beauty routine has had to evolve” reveals gold medal winning athlete and Thank You Mum ambassador Jessica Ennis-Hill. “I used to train twice a day, six times a week but now I train smart; less time but at greater intensity leaving more time to spend with Reggie. As every mother knows, you have a lot less time for yourself when you become a mother so my focus is on quality versus quantity when it comes to work and beauty routines.”

Skin care is so important when I’m training. I don’t have a huge amount of time for my beauty routine so having healthy looking skin is really important. Here’s what’s in my beauty bag:

  • Skin: “I use Olay Essentials Complete Care Day Cream SPF15 – it gives my skin everything it needs most to look beautiful, healthy and well-moisturised when I’m training, and it has broad-spectrum sun protection which is essential when I’m outside so much.”
  • Legs: “As I have bare legs so much for competing, I like to keep them smooth. I am packing my Venus Swirl razor – it’s brilliant as it uses a flexiball which glides over tricky areas like knees and ankles”
  • Make-Up: I always wear make-up when I compete – waterproof eyeliner and mascara is a must! Right now I use Bobbi Brown black eyeliner and mascara and MAC foundation. I tend to apply my make-up in the morning before a competition and it usually lasts the day.”
  • Hair:  “My hair is always tied back for competing – I straighten it then tie it back. I don’t tend to use lots of hair products – just a good conditioner. Right now I am using Joica shampoo and conditioner.
  • Relax: “I plan to pack Elemis Muscle Soak in my bag for Rio – really hoping there is a bath in the Olympic Village”


Olay Essentials Complete Care 50ml Day Cream, RRP £9.99

Olay Essentials Complete Care 50ml Day Cream, RRP £9.99




Jessica-Ennis Hill and her mother Alison Powell are ambassadors for P&G’s Thank You Mum campaign in the UK for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. P&G owns household brands such as Pampers, Olay and Venus. For more information, visit

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