Elizabeth II – Our Hardworking Queen

the queen with young victim of manchester bombing

This week we celebrate the dedication and hard work of our lovely monarch.

After 65 years on the throne, she is still attending garden parties, the opening of Parliament and Royal Ascot. And that’s just this month!

On top of that she has her usual round of engagements, but she still found time for an extra-special one, visiting the victims of the Manchester bombing at Manchester Royal’s Children’s Hospital.

She spoke to each and every young person injured in the blast, and impressed them by seeming to know all about Ariana Grande, whose concert they were attending when the terrorist killer struck.

And what about Ariana herself? Just a young girl of 23,  she must have been deeply affected by the shock and horror of it all. Yet she came back to Manchester within a fortnight of the bombing, visiting victims and their families, and putting on the concert of a lifetime to show terrorists that they will never win.

The Queen and Ariana. One may be in her 90s, the other in her early 20s, but these two women are  role models for us all.


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