Diana: An intimate portrait

There are not many events when I can remember where I was at the time that they happened, but the death of Princess Diana was one of them.  I am not particularly into (nor against the Royal family) but she made an impact on me.  Life was very different all those years ago and for me, although she was a Royal (and therefore so removed from my way of life), she seemed to simply challenge the status quo in a way I had never until then seen.  Any challenge I had seen had been loud and what I now come to think of as brash and manipulative.  She was different.

So when I saw the commemorative bookazine we had produced I was, tinged with a bit of sadness, sent back down Nostalgia lane both in terms of the amazing life she led but also in how my life has changed since then and how life as we knew it has changed.   Many people have an impact on our lives, but she had an impact on many lives.

Diana:  An Intimate Portrait, is a commemorative bookazine celebrating the life of the late Princess Diana.

The collector’s edition 100-page glossy magazine includes exclusive articles by royal correspondent Ian Lloyd, who shares memories of the Diana he knew and examines the legacy she left behind. The seven-part biography plots the influences that shaped Diana from a childhood that combined great privilege with sadness to a fairy-tale marriage that descended into heartbreak.

A collection of the most striking images remind us how Diana changed the image of the Royal Family forever, from sweet to chic, then stepping out in the ‘revenge dress’.

This magazine will evoke many fond memories of the transformation of Princess Diana, and is also a reminder of her amazing charity work.  A legacy not to be forgotten

Diana – An Intimate Portrait is on sale now priced at £5.99 from newsagents & supermarkets or can be bought on line  https://www.dcthomsonshop.co.uk/diana-an-intimate-portrait-20-years-on.html

Georgia Wood

Georgia works as part of the magazine marketing team. She loves that her job is very varied, every day is different working across all of DCT Media's magazines. She likes trying new things, from cooking to crafting, she's currently learning to knit!