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Trousers from Bonmarche

By Fashion Editor Audrey Patterson

I do hope you like the selection of trouser suits in this week’s Looking Good pages in the mag, in bright, bold colours for sunny spring days. They’re the perfect answer to the changeable weather at this time of year – wear with short sleeved T-shirts when it’s warm and long sleeved Breton tops or lightweight knits on cooler days. Plus you can ring the changes by mixing and matching with other blazers, jeans and trousers from your wardrobe for a totally different look.

Speaking of trousers, I have to say I’m a skinny-jean or tailored-trews sort of girl, but inspired by royal bride-to-be Meghan Markle’s elegant long coat, roll neck, wide trouser look on her recent visit to Edinburgh, I decided to give wide trousers a go, starting with a stylish pair by, great value at just £22. The verdict? Comfy, with a nice heavy drape and pleasing “swish” as you walk, plus with their high waist and worn over heels, they make my petite 5’3” figure look inches taller – I’m a convert!  A word of caution if you’re small though, they do definitely look better with heels, worn slightly long so the hem finishes mid-heel.

Here are some others to inspire you:


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