This Is How To Own The Morning

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New research by personal care specialists Soft & Gentle shows that 46% of us claim to feel stressed every morning, skipping breakfast and foregoing a shower in our haste to get out the door.

This summer, Soft & Gentle is challenging everyone to ‘Own The Morning’. Making a few simple switches to our daily routine can help to make mornings that little bit easier and leave us better prepared for whatever the day brings. Leading life coach, Carole Ann Rice, offers her top tips.

Be Realistic With Your Time

If you are rushing around and arriving late, flustered and unprepared for the day, try getting up earlier – even 30 minutes can make all the difference. You’d be surprised how much nicer it is to ease into your day instead of stumbling into it in a wild panic.


Before you get up in the morning, take a moment to stretch in bed and allow your body to relax and wake up. Take time to think ahead and decide on three things you would like to achieve before the end of the day. This sets you up for a productive day as you set your intentions and follow it with action. Simple tasks such as arranging a night out with a friend or buying ingredients for a healthy dinner for when you come home all work well.

Eat Wisely

Always make sure you choose your breakfast wisely. Including delicious yet healthy ingredients that are easy to prepare such as fresh fruit or yoghurt, will give you energy for the day and help stop you feeling light-headed or reaching for an unhealthy alternative mid-morning.

Prep Your Outfit

You don’t want last minute chaos as you find there’s nothing clean or ironed to wear. Put your bag, shoes, phone and keys in an easy place to access and you will feel prepared and ready to face the day ahead, avoiding the rush associated with trying to find them in the morning.


If the weather is good, commit to walking if you can. Is there a park or green space you can walk through to get to work? Nature has a way of putting our stresses and anxieties in perspective. Even if it is choosing to have breakfast or your morning cup of tea in the garden for a few minutes, you will set yourself up for a great mood all day.

Learn Something New

Use your commute to learn something. Audible books, simple meditation techniques and new languages can be downloaded and listened to as you travel, it will leave you feeling focused and grounded. Why not use the dead space in the morning to improve your life and engage your mind?

Make Your Own Lunch

Take time the evening before to make a healthy lunch for the next day. You can save money on bought sandwiches, drinks and snacks that can otherwise be a hidden drain on your budget.

Bye Bye Bad Hair

No more bad hair days – when your hair looks good it is an instant mood enhancer. Dry shampoos are great if you don’t wash your hair every day and can add a quick and easy salon finish with a hot brush or blow dry.

Focus on the Positive

Use the morning mirror to set up life improving mantras. If you are under confident say simply “I am more than good enough” or “I am grateful to be alive for another amazing day of adventure”. Repeat five times and then “act as if” it was entirely true. What we focus on expands.

To kick-start your day and ‘Own The Morning’, Soft & Gentle is giving away prizes every day between 14th May and 30th September. Gym classes, alarm clocks, coffee vouchers and guides to mindfulness are all available to win with selected promotional packs of Soft & Gentle Anti-Perspirant, available to purchase from Tesco, Boots, ASDA, Superdrug and Morrisons, £2, 250ml

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*Survey of 1000 participants conducted by 3GEM Research & Insights, April 2018


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