5 Top Tips For A Holiday Ready Smile

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London Smiling’s Dr. Uchenna Okoye qualified at the prestigious Guy’s Hospital, King’s College London and was the resident dentist on Channel 4’s 10 Year’s Younger – so, it’s safe to say she knows what’s best for your pearly whites. Today, she’s bringing us her five tips for that holiday-ready smile this summer:

Use a Whitening Toothpaste

Increasingly available and recommended by dentists, over-the-counter whitening toothpastes are becoming more effective. I recommend using OralB Whitening Paste. Not only is it good at removing stains, but it contains active ingredients that help prevent new stains from appearing!

Skip The Coffee in the Morning

Coffee and sugary drinks, such as cola, stain the teeth. And when these stains build-up overtime, they become less than flattering. As your vacation approaches, say no to these drinks altogether or at least use a re-useable straw to drink them through – limiting the coffee-to-teeth contact. An added tip is to rinse your mouth with water to wash any staining residue.

Eat Fruit and Veg

While this is something you should already be doing, if all those food pyramid colouring in primary school didn’t teach you anything, eating fresh fruit and veg is great for your teeth Celery, carrot, and apples give you a boost of vitamin C, which increases saliva production which in turn, washes debris from the teeth.

See Your Hygienist

Visiting the hygienist is a quick, easy and painless way to achieve a fresher smile. You’ll be surprised at how white and shiny your teeth will look after a good ol’ clean.

Undergo Professional Whitening Treatment

Of course, while whitening toothpastes and dietary changes are amazing in the long-term, nothing will have the biggest impact quite like consulting your dentist and undergoing professional whitening treatment. Book an appointment and ask them about in-office teeth whitening services. Your smile can be brightened by several shades in just one appointment with laser or under a couple of weeks with at-home whitening gels; all in time for that sunlit retreat.

London Smiling is a private dental practice that aims to treat the whole person and look after not only your dental health, but overall wellbeing; and offers a holistic approach. Both dental and cosmetic procedures for their guests (not ‘patients’).

The practice is headed by the UK’s best known cosmetic dental expert and Channel 4’s celebrity dentist for 10 Years Younger, Dr. Uchenna Okoye.

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