Take 2 Minutes To Move – And Reduce Your Risk Of Joint And Back Pain

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Did you know that the average person sits for 9 hours a day? And sitting for long periods can cause a number of health issues, including joint pain. However, the good news is research shows taking two-minute breaks to move is enough to help reduce the risk of joint and back pain by 25%. Voltarol exists to help people manage pain so they can rediscover the joy of movement. That’s why Voltarol wants more people to get up and moving and is encouraging the UK to Take 2 To Move.

But most of us have an excuse as to why we can’t exercise. Check out our Myths of movement checklist below to see if we’ve listed your favourite excuse!

1 I’m quite an active person and I exercise, so I’m not at risk.
While you may be active, you may also spend more time sitting than you realise. Long periods of sitting at work and at home can put you at risk. Research has shown how often you move is just as important as exercising regularly.

2 I work in an office and take a break every couple of hours; that’s enough.
It’s a start but aim higher. Try to fit a break in every 30 minutes to reduce the risks associated with sitting.

3 I’ve got osteoarthritis, so I can’t do the recommended exercise.
If you do more physical activity each day, you can actually help keep your joints moving even if you can’t increase the intensity.

4 I suffer from joint pain so shouldn’t move.

Pain can become a vicious cycle of stopping you moving, and lack of movement can cause more pain. But movement can help you strengthen your muscles and reduce pain.

 5  I don’t have time to exercise

You don’t need an extended exercise session. Even a little movement can make a big difference, try to work movement into your daily routine wherever you can. Take the stairs instead of the lift, stretch to hang out your washing, dance while you dust; it can all help.

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Advice from Mick Cronin, Fitness and Biomechanical Movement Specialist:

Top tips for avoiding muscles soreness and joint paint caused by sedentary lifestyle:


Start your day by activating your muscles and joints to prepare you for the day ahead. Get the blood to flow and the heart pumping by stretching and taking small movements. Begin gently and slowly increase the intensity. Start the day feeling good, it’s addictive!


Partake in physical activity in small, manageable periods throughout the day to get the body accustomed to the movements. During movement, synovial fluid, which acts as a lubrication, is held in the cartilage and squeezed out mechanically to maintain a layer of fluid on the cartilage surface and reduce painful friction. Don’t allow those joints and muscles to stiffen up and cause pain. Play good music to lift your mood, get you moving and increase your energy.


Build stretching and strengthening into everyday chores and routines. Stretch while you are dressing, showering, cleaning your teeth, putting the bins out, carrying the shopping or playing with the kids. The kettle takes two minutes to boil so don’t waste it and work up a thirst. Make the time count in your favour.


Never sit longer than an hour without moving and let the body have its freedom. Be mindful of your posture, make a stand against sitting and take control of your body!


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