10 Top Tips for Lazy Gardeners

The horticulture experts at BillyOh.com came up with ten work-busting secrets to help even the most bone-idle gardener create the perfect outdoor space. From companion planting to creating your own meadow, the secrets of how to effortlessly create your ideal garden have now been revealed.

A spokesperson from the website said: “During the summer months many people want to make the most of their garden, from hosting BBQs to sunbathing outdoors with a good book.

“Whether you’re a gardening novice or master, nobody wants to spend hours on end in the summer heat carrying out all the more tedious gardening jobs. With this guide, you can achieve the perfect garden to admire and have fun in with family and friends all summer long.”

Here is the lazy gardening guide: 

Lay down artificial grass

Laying down artificial grass is a great alternative for those that find mowing the lawn a chore. It will also make your garden look permanently neat and tidy with zero effort.

Make a meadow

Stop mowing, feeding and weeding your lawn to let part or all of it grow long and free, allowing feral flowers to blossom. Cosmos flowers are one of the beautiful meadow flowers that can grow here.

Pic: Pixabay

Have plastic plants

Plastic plants are a great way to get a beautiful looking garden with little to no effort. There are a vast variety of fake plants, the majority being fairly inexpensive.

Introduce plants into your garden that will attract natural predators

To keep pests under control and save time covering your plants in anti-bug spray, introduce plants to your garden that will attract natural predators, for example, ladybirds. Ladybirds keep aphids under control meaning bees will pollinate plants helping them to thrive and give you a healthy-looking garden.

Companion Planting

To save you work, get the plants themselves to help out. Companion plants are any plants that provide a benefit to the plant next to them.  For example, planting lavender next to carrots or leeks will deter aphids due to the lavender’s strong scent.

Pic: Pixabay

Choose low maintenance slow growing plants

Low maintenance plants are ones that can be left to freely grow but still look beautiful and deliberately placed, such as clematis growing over pergolas.

Add a stone edge border to pretty up a plain flower bed

The quick and easy trick of adding a stone edge border to any flower bed will instantly jazz it up and make it look like you’ve spent hours in the garden.

Self-seeding plants

Planting self-seeding plants means less planting, mulching and weeding making this the ultimate low maintenance gardening technique.

Pic: Pixabay

Use raised beds to save time digging

If you grow you own vegetables, using raised beds is a handy tip to save time digging. It is also useful if you suffer with back problems as it will save you bending over for long periods of time.

 Plant perennial vegetables

The majority of vegetables are annuals, meaning they have to be replanted every year. However, perennial vegetables such as rhubarb, kale, and asparagus don’t, making them much easier to maintain.