A Tasty Nibble We Are All Enjoying! Spicy Germanto Gouda Cheese

Germanto Gouda Cheese and snacks

Don’t we love it when people send us delicious tiny snacks to try, and as cheese lovers (apart from Moira and Gillian) we were delighted when these spicy little cubes came into our office! Of course, nothing is accepted at face value, so we had one just to see if the little cubes were in fact, cheese, and yes, once we had established that, we had to taste another morsel to see just how spicy they were? Too spicy? No! Just spicy enough! Then we had to make remarks:

“You could add these to a salad,” said Maggie (Cookery Editor)

“You could serve them at a party!” said Karen (Fiction Editor) (She has a lazy Susan!)

“You could put five or six in your mouth at once,” said Stuart (Editor)

“You’ve finished them!” said Moira. “And I didn’t even want any!” said Gillian.

“Don’t worry!” said Maggie, “I’ve got another bag!”

So all was well in My Weekly land, and we sent many thanks to the people at Germanto Gouda for such an enjoyable treat!

If you would like to enjoy them too, then they can be found in Sainsbury’s (unless we’ve got there first!)

Cheese Cubes

Cheese cubes


Maggie Swinburne

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