What Are This Year’s Best-selling Plants?

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own garden, look no further than GardeningExpress.co.uk and their current best-selling plants.


Grow Your Own Fruit Trees – £24.99


Five stunning fruit trees to transform any garden into a healthy-eating haven.

With Pears, Cherries, Plums and two types of Apples trees all available in the package, you can grow your own orchard for a fraction of the price.

Golden Delicious


Acer Japanese Maple Tree – £19.95

This beautiful and bright plant seamlessly adds an oriental touch to the back garden.

Skeeters Broom covers itself with small bright red leaves in spring, which deepen into a rich purple-red in summer.


Large Prunus triloba – Double Flowering Cherry – £29.95

Flowering in April and May, it originates from the far east and when flourished signals the start of spring.


Magnolia Sunsation, Tulip Tree With Golden Brushed Flowers – now £19.99

A new addition to the collection originally hailing from the USA, it is a high-quality stock and a rare find in the UK.

Flowering in April – later than other similar breeds – the plant’s flowers appear as golden goblets and blushes a rosy pink at the base.


Hibiscus Chiffon Tri Colour, Unique Multi-coloured Ruffled Double Flowers – now £4.95

Exclusively offering three beautiful shades in one plant – a unique combination for the garden against the contrast of greenery.


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