Anti-ageing Beauty Tricks

woman applying concealer

International Makeup Artist Ariane Poole says, “A highlighting concealer is one of the most versatile tools you have in your makeup bag to cheat a more youthful, rested appearance. With clever tricks and techniques you can use the light reflection and pigment to enhance your favourite features, whilst blurring and concealing the imperfections that bother you.”


Slack Skin and Laughter Lines


“If slack skin around your mouth and laughter lines are a concern of yours then you can use concealer to temporarily blur and lift the area. Using a highlighting concealer like my Mineral Illuminating Pen (£22, which contains photo reflective particles to diffuse light. Apply in small horizontal lines all the way down your smile lines – starting from the corner of the nose to the base of the chin. Use light feathering motions with your fingers to blend the concealer, moving upwards and outwards. The light reflection blurs fine lines and provides a lifting effect, like you’ve had temporary filler!”


Tired or Droopy Eyes


“Whether you’ve had a heavy night or gravity has taken its toll this concealer trick works wonderfully to lift, open and brighten the eyes. Apply a highlighting concealer in a diagonal line from the base of the lower lashes upwards past the outer corner of your eyebrows. This will brighten and lighten the area for lifted, wide-awake eyes!”


Dark Circles


“To successfully conceal dark undereye circles you have to place your concealer much lower than expected as dark circles don’t stem from the eye itself, rather the bone that sits just below. A clever trick is to tilt your chin downwards and look straight into the mirror to highlight the area that you need to place your concealer. Generally this will be from the top of the orbital bone (bone underneath the eyes) to half way down your nose.”

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