The Naked Manicure

Natural Nails

Embracing the natural look, the naked manicure is totally on trend, with natural nails overtaking gel and acrylic manicures, which can cause damage over time.

Step One

First, strengthen nails with Mavala Scientifique K+ £15.70, which helps harden soft nails to avoid breaking and splitting.

Step Two

Protect the nails with a base coat to improve the staying power of nail colour and protect the nail plate – try  Mavala’s 002 Base Coat £13.65,

Step Three

Choose a go-to nude shade to complete the naked manicure. Chic, minimalist and goes with all your outfits. (Try: Mavala Velvet, Rose Shell, Sapporo £5.20 each

Mavala Nail Colour in Velvet

Audrey Patterson

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