Top 7 Travel Beauty Hacks

It’s a dilemma; how to pack all your beauty essentials and still fit in all your clothes without going over your luggage allowance! Amanda Von Dem Hagen, skin specialist at Glo Skin Beauty UK has shared her list of travel beauty hacks to make packing easier…

Dryer sheet

Even if your suitcase is packed full of freshly washed clothes, you will notice a certain smell attached to them after a long flight. The tip to prevent this is to layer a couple of lightly scented dryer sheets between your clothes which will keep them smelling fresh all the way ready for you to wear at your destination.

Cotton pad Saviour

The nightmare is to get to your flight or destination and find that powder compact has broken into tiny little pieces – the worst. To prevent this from happening place a cotton pad in your blush or bronzer compact, you want enough cushioning so that you can close the compact safely with the pad inside.

Contact Cases

Contact lenses cases make the best miniature travel container. Each pod is just enough for single use application if you don’t wish to take the full product with you. Hair oil, hand sanitizer, eye cream and toothpaste are great fillers. To ensure you remember what’s what you can colour code the pods with nail varnish!

Go solid

Avoid any messy spillages by swapping out for solid formulas whenever possible. When it comes to makeup remover you should look out for a solid balm formula as opposed to liquids, also opt for a bar of facial soap instead of cleanser. This will last you a lot longer and also be more skin friendly under the sun when mixed with SPF.

Hair Conditioner Hero

Hair conditioner is a genius product as it’s multi-tasking. By packing this you can leave the shaving cream at home, the same moisturising ingredients that hydrate the hair on your head can also soften the hair on any other area of your body.

In Flight Facial

This simple trick can be used when you’re in the air to ensure a refreshed and relaxed face when you land. Some sheet masks already come in little travel size pods so you can carry it in your hand luggage and apply as you would any other moisturiser and let it work its magic.

Ready soaked pads

Facial pads which are already soaked in key nourishing ingredients are perfect for inflight care. They are portable to carry in your bag and perfect to reduce any oily skin breakouts without carrying any extra products. The Clear Complexion Pads are infused with antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to treat congested skin leaving it calmer, shine free and more balanced.