10 Amazing Hiking Trails Around The World

Queen Charlotte

Hikes are enjoyed by many around the world, but the best ones are filled with breathtaking views, unique geological features, all with just the right level of isolation. There is no other feeling like crisp fresh air on a gorgeous hike, even if your ideal journey is a leisurely walk along the coast of France or climbing up one of the highest mountains in the UK – there is something for everyone.

The experts at Baltic Travel Company have rounded up the 10 best hiking trails that have an extra something special to stand above the rest. Each hike will leave you with a huge sense of accomplishment, so much so that you will be planning your next one!

1 Everest Base Camp Trek

Location: Nepal

Distance: 80 miles (130 km)

Time it takes: 13+ days

When to go? March to May, September to December

Many people have labelled this one of the best treks in the world and we can see why. The Everest Base Camp Trek gives you an insight into the highest summit on Earth. This is your chance to hike to the unique viewpoint of Kala Patar at sunset and to experience the wonderful mountain scenery of the Khumbu. Be sure to remember that this is a trek not a climb and for most parts it is on mountain paths with gentle gradients.

Everest Base Camp


2 Bay of Fires

Location: Tasmania, Australia

Distance: 16 miles

Time: 4 days

When to go? October to May

This hike is filled with magnificent views. If you like white beaches, blue waters and orange granite then this is for you. The crisp air will awaken your sense as you get the opportunity to experience everything to do with wildlife and ecology. Crossing the dark blue waters of the Bass Strait, the coastline of Tasmania is in view. The hike relishes in the golden yellow line of sand teamed up against green countryside.

Bay Of Fires


3 Queen Charlotte Track

Location: New Zealand

Distance: 45 miles (70 km)

Time: 3-5 days

When to go? September to May

The beauty that is New Zealand is clearly displayed on Queen Charlotte Track. The hike has been described as ‘perfect’ as the native bush and coastal views are second to none. The iconic adventure stretches from Ship Cove to Anakiwa where you will encounter the likes of weka, fantail, wood pigeon and if you’re lucky even seals! The track offers historical roots and the freedom to walk or mountain bike without heavy gear.

Queen Charlotte


4 Mount Kilimanjaro

Location: Tanzania

Distance: Depends on which route you take

Time: 5-9 days

When to go? June to October

This dormant volcano is one of the best mountain hikes in the world – it is, in fact, Africa’s highest mountain. Kilimanjaro does have less wildlife in comparison to others, but it is home to many beautiful landscapes as well as nature which is unique to the area. Whilst climbing Kilimanjaro, trekkers will experience five distinct ecological zones on their way to the top. Each zone gets much colder and drier as the elevation increases. The summit is in the artic zone and is indicated by ice and rock.

Mount Kilimanjaro


5 Santa Cruz Trek

Location: Peru

Distance: 31 miles (50km)

Time: 4 days

When to go? April to October

The Santa Cruz Trek is saturated by lagoons, rivers, snow drenched mountains and valleys. The hike is mostly flat, but this is all in preparation for Punta Union which reaches the highest point of the trek at 4,750 meters. It is advised not to take the altitude lightly and to give yourself time to acclimate in Huaraz before you go – just to get a feel as to how your body is coping.

Santa Cruz


6 GR20

Location: Corsica, France

Distance: 112 miles (180km)

Time: 15 days

When to go? June to September

GR20 has been labelled the toughest long-distance trail in Europe; it travels along Corsica diagonally from North to South. Despite the rugged nature, the hike is more than capable for most backpackers as it is well marked with regular accommodation and resupply facilities. The hike is full of granite peaks, it is named tough due to the loose rocky climb, unassisted scrambling alongside the Mediterranean heat. It is brutal on the mind and body but makes for a brilliant achievement.




7 Laugavegurinn

Location: Iceland

Distance: 34 miles (55km)

Time: 2-4 days

When to go? June to September

The sights you will see during this trail are astounding which is why people have yet to compare the landscape with any other. Just think ice caves, neon green valleys, rainbow coloured hills, river crossings and black volcanic deserts. In 2010 the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano closed the trail but it has since been reopened which allows backpackers to live in the disruptive beast’s aftermath. It is a once in a lifetime trek.



8 Mount Kailash Trek

Location: Tibet

Distance: 32 miles (52km)

Time: 2-3 days

When to go? May to October

This hike is treated as a pilgrimage by many different religions; thousands of visitors a year make this sacred trek. The twist is that you can’t climb the mountain as it’s believed to be a mortal sin, but the trek itself is filled with spectacular scenery with snow-capped summits, crisp valleys and blue lakes just to name a few. The average altitude of trekking is nearly 5,000m. It is a challenge for many pilgrims around the world and requires strong perseverance.

Mount Kailash


9 Inca Trail

Location: Peru

Distance: 26 miles (43 km)

Time: 4-5 days

When to go? May to September

This trail will involve a lot of ascending and descending but is renowned as one of the best hikes in the world. This is one of the most popular things to do in South America and is one of the world’s most famous hikes. The hike takes you along ancient narrow paths into the Peruvian countryside and high into the Andean mountains. It is gorgeous due to its perfect Incan ruins, cloud forest and majestic valley views. You finish at the iconic Machu Picchu.

Inca Trail


10 Torres del Paine W Circuit

Location: Patagonia, Chile

Distance: 37+miles (60+miles)

Time: 5-6days

When to go? October to March

The W circuit is one of the most recommended hikes you will ever find. Alongside the diverse landscape and striking pillars of granite, you will most likely meet some fellow hikers on the way. This is the perfect introduction to multi-day trekking with a place to stay each night although more challenging routes are available for the experienced hiker. The final leg runs down the Logo Grey teamed with cobalt blue ice floes up to the large glacier that stretches out towards the ice cap.


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