Autumn Skin Survival Tips

If you want to avoid dry skin this autumn, follow these top tips by Dr Jen Jones, Dermatologist and Spokesperson for skincare specialists and makers of  Mildly Medicated Dry Skin Cream, Cuticura.

Moisture Plus

Avoid soaps, and instead use a moisturising wash. Moisturising is the most important part of anyone’s skincare routine, so use a moisturiser daily. Ideally apply just after a shower when the skin is still damp which allows it to sink in more deeply. Avoid harsh central heating

Top Ingredients

One of the most commonly found moisturising ingredients is glycerine. Other ingredients which can be helpful, especially for hands and feet include urea, propylene glycol, salicylic or lactic acid, which help the moisturiser to penetrate the outer keratin layer of the skin which is thicker in these ares. Look out too for coconut oil, ceramide, coco butter and hemp. Liquid paraffin and white soft paraffin are helpful in very dry skin conditions

What Makes Skin Dry

One common cause is age, so it becomes even more important to moisturise as we grow older. Excess sun exposure will often dry out skin, so it is very important to take a good moisturiser when going on holiday. Some people are born with inherently dry skin. For example, when there is a mutation in the gene coding for an important skin protein known as fillagrin and it does not function properly, the skin is prone to dryness and eczema.

Top Tips

Dry skin is more sensitive and less tolerant so it is best to avoid fragranced products. Ideally you should choose a moisturiser with a small number of ingredients. When skin is feeling very dry and sensitive, ointments i.e. clear, greasy moisturisers tend to be less than irritating than creams.

Avoid the 3 Sins

The ‘3 Sins’ to avoid if you suffer from dry skin are excess sun exposure, smoking and soaps which are all drying for skin.