Home Beauty Remedies

With shopping options limited at the moment, research by Showerstoyou.co.uk suggests that some of us are turning to our kitchens to cook up our own natural beauty treatments, with shampoo being top on our DIY beauty list, followed by conditioner, lipstick, face masks and face balm.

Dr Asher Siddiqi, medical aesthetic expert at Transform, has shared his top tips and advice for home-made beauty remedies:

For Dry Skin

Banana, honey, coconut oil, egg whites and oats can all help make it feel more hydrated.

For Oily Skin

Honey, oats and eggs also work wonders and yoghurt can also help.


Milk combined with a few drops of lemon can work as a moisturising cleanser.

Body Scrub

Coconut oil combined with coffee granules or sugar, can act as a great alternative body scrub.


Mashing a tomato and placing it on your face for 10-15 minutes can also help skin feel more toned.


Combining lemon, sugar and olive oil makes a great hydrating exfoliator and using papaya with honey and egg whites can help stimulate the skin and make it look fresher.

Five A Day

The most important thing is to make sure that we’re maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet full of fruit and vegetables – at least five-a-day or more. Avoid processed, sugary, high-in-salt foods to keep yourselves mentally and physically well, as well as your skin healthy.

There are lots of vegetables and fruits that can be used and as they are very safe it is an easy way to experiment with what works well for your skin.


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